On July 23, our working club assembly was  moderated by President Chris Blasius.  The goal of the meeting was to work on getting more of the membership involved in Rotary Club Committees. 
Members saw an overview of the Club's committee structure along with job duties and expectations.  A call for new committee members was made, and members divided into groups to brainstorm ideas and changes for the coming year.

This "Many Hands Make Light Work" gets  more members involved, and fits with the goal of our recent visioning session  of having  70% of the Club's membership active in something besides attending meetings. We also encourage members to help with at least one service project per year. Examples include:
  • River Falls Fish baseball games - help with concessions, selling 50/50 cards and other activities. A fun night to bring your whole family.
  • Prairie Burn (coming up in September!) - a music festival with limited tickets, where Rotary staffs a food booth. Volunteers attain free admission to the event before or after their shift. See the sign-up sheet via this link.
  • Highway cleanup - a quick and easy hour-plus volunteer effort to beautify a stretch of Highway 35. Good exercise and fresh air! Fall and spring opportunities.
  • Annual Party - it's been called the Gala in the past, and this year we are searching for a new way to celebrate and raise funds for our projects! Be part of the change!
  • Reading programs in area schools to enrich youth.
  • Projects and cleanups of area parks.
  • Relay for Life spaghetti dinner in partnership with the American Cancer Society.
  • River Falls Days food booth and parade route.
  • and more!
We need your expertise and help! If you don't see something you want to participate in, consider one of your own ideas. Talk to Chris or another officer of the club to find out how to get started.
Speaking of meetings
Our new noon meeting experiment is going well. Attendance at our lunch meetings has been well received with 30+ members attending.  The noon meetings have also allowed several members to attend that can't make the morning meetings.  We hope to see you there. Consider your circle of friends and acquaintances. Who could you bring to a meeting?