River Falls Rotary welcomed speaker, author, and resilience expert Tasha Schuh to visit us virtually. Tasha updated us on all that has happened since she last visited and how she is helping others.
Tasha shared her passion for helping youth in our community obtain the skills of resilience that can help them in every area of their lives, especially their mental and emotional well-being.
Tasha’s outreach encourages youth to see the importance of giving their best, the power of a positive attitude and respecting others. This encompasses mental health awareness and suicide prevention.
Statistics are rising for depression, anxiety and a loss of connection in our youth. They are in need of more resources and inspiration. Tasha’s mission is to influence adolescents with the power of resiliency and hope. “Together, we can finish strong!” says Tasha.
Find out more about Tashas’ PATH program here.  
Watch a brief video with an overview.
You can learn more about Tasha’s programs at tashaschuh.com or email her at
tasha@tashaschuh.com. She would appreciate you to connect her with the people you have connections with. 
Other places you can find Tasha:
Instagram: tashaschuh
Facebook: tashaschuh99
Snapchat: tashaschuh
TikTok: tashaschuh