Posted by JW Matheson
Charlene Brooks, Executive Director of the Kinnickkinnic River Land Trust (KRLT), presented to our club about how the KRLT has protected more than 3,000 acres of land and ten miles of shoreline along the river since 1993.
The nonprofit conservancy works with the community to preserve natural resources and scenic beauty.  Director Brooks provided our club with an update from 2019 on how the KRLT board, staff, and members are dedicated to ensuring this river remains healthy for future generations.
The Kinnickinnic River is a beautiful and healthy trout stream flowing through River Falls and western Wisconsin. It is surrounded by scenic bluffs, native prairie, family farms, and forests. It is home to rare and endangered plant species. Due to its exceptional water quality and self-sustaining, bountiful trout fishery, the Kinni is classified as an Outstanding Resource Water and a Class I Trout Stream. The river is framed by a landscape with memorable views, ranging from gently rolling farmland in the upper watershed to a spectacular limestone bluff canyon on the lower river from River Falls to the confluence with the St. Croix River. Because of its remarkable natural and scenic qualities, area residents and visitors from all over the world form special, lifelong connections with the Kinni and its environs through fishing, kayaking, hiking, birding, hunting and photography.
Learn more about the Kinnikinnic River.  Support the work of KRLT.  Want to get more involved in a hand-on project? KRLT visits each of its 3 preserves and 34 conservation easements each year to evaluate their current conditions. The monitoring is one of the most important land trust responsibilities and ensures that conservation goals are being upheld.  The KRLT is looking for volunteers, who will spend 1-4 hours serving as the eyes and ears for the KRLT.  NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, but familiarity with maps, aerial photos, and field navigation is helpful.