The word spoken and heard most often by our Rotary group during our pre-opening, behind-the-scenes tour of the new Tattersall Distillery was "Wow"!
While not very articulate, “Wow!” was a completely understandable response to the total transformation of the former Shopko building.  Click the "Read More" icon for some candid photos taken during the tour.
Partner/owner Jon Kriedler gave us a detailed description and view of the range of offerings and facilities that River Falls will soon experience. We came away thinking “can’t wait for this place to open!”
In a statement from a magazine article, Kreidler shared: “Because of Minnesota’s restrictive liquor laws, to maintain our presence in Minneapolis, we were forced to look outside of the state’s borders. To stay as close as possible, we landed on River Falls and couldn’t be more excited. Not only do Dan and I have personal ties to Wisconsin, but the town has a focus on sustainability and renewables which aligns perfectly with Tattersall’s brand and vision. Not to mention, we’ve got the Kinnickinnic River, mountain bike trails, hiking, golf and more in our new backyard.”