Rose Walker about Sharing Families:
Sharing Families was started in 1988, by staff of the River Falls Journal.  Rose became treasurer for the group in 2008.  The impetus at the Journal was recognition of needs in the community for support of struggling families at Christmas;  Sharing Families became a 501c3 charitable organization in 1990.  Rose thanked Rotary for its long-time participation with Sharing Families, and she also noted that the organization has all 39 families covered for 2021.
Over time, Sharing Families has become a total community effort.  Since the closing of a River Falls-based newspaper, visibility has become more limited because the newspaper used to publicize progress. The group coordinates with Angels on Earth Giving Tree, part of ARC. In addition to the gifts provided by individuals and groups such as Rotary, Sharing Families also provides a food basket to families. Rose noted that they often receive heartfelt thank-you’s from the families.
Families range in size – from a single parent with 1 child to a large family. Total families in 2021 is 39; in the past, there have been as many as 53. The work starts in August, finishes with a financial wrap-up in February. In addition to the gifts, they get help in the form of monetary contributions. Any leftover funds are distributed except for a small amount of seed money. Extras go to gift cards, other help for families through school. Have also donated to Food Pantry, Free Clinic and Our Neighbors Place.
Owners of Knight-Barry Building on 2nd Street have allowed use of lower level as headquarters. The group has begun to use social media.  It now has e-mail, a PO Box 701, and a Facebook page.