Tales from a Former Publisher
Jeff Athmann’s classification talk
Jeff Athmann on Monday, February 5th - moments before making his infamous quote.
No doubt it was an awkward moment this past Monday, when the editor showed up front and center, Smartphone in hand - ready to snap a photo of Jeff Athmann as he launched into his classification talk.  At first blush, the editor swore he heard “I could really use a glass of water”, but upon closer examination of the notes, it appears Jeff's comments were more poignant: “I really hate cameras and…really, really don’t like my picture taken”.  The irony of the situation (with the former publisher shunning a reporter) was not lost on the editor.
Jeff shared the highlights of his life and profession: proud member of Coon Rapids Rotary since 1990, married for 30 years with a daughter (a junior at St. Thomas), and a former employee-owner of ECM Publishers – one of the largest community newspaper publishers in the state.  In 2009, Jeff left ECM to join the Institute for Environmental Assessment (IEA), which provides environmental health and safety consulting to a wide range of private and public organizations.  The business was started in 1984 and has 6 offices around the state.  For more information, check out: http://www.ieasafety.com/   Thanks to Jeff for sharing his story and sorry for taking your photo.