A Good Story to Start Your Week:
Coon Rapids High School kindness campaign in the news
Coon Rapids High School assistant principals DeMann Seals (left) and Shannon Madison dressed up as superheros to launch the school’s “Kindness Matters” campaign. (Photo: Coon Rapids High School; Republished Star Tribune 1-5-2018)
In last Friday's edition of the Star Tribune a story appeared about the Kindness Campaign at Coon Rapids High School.  Our Rotarian colleague, Principal Annette Ziegler was quoted in the story.  No doubt this one will qualify for some sort of fine, but perhaps there is a entire club that might step up and pay this on her behalf.   Congratulations to Annette and the staff and students at Coon Rapids High School for a story worth celebrating!  Here's a link to the article: http://www.startribune.com/coon-rapids-high-launches-kindness-campaign/468148073/