On July 28, 2016 the Rotary Club of Woodbridge joined with a Twinning Act the Rotary Club of Valle del Salso.
The Event was held at La Veranda Restaurant in Woodbridge. With the presence of the Mayor of Woodbridge Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of Delia Gianfilippo Bancheri, Deputy Mayor Michael Di Biase, MP Francesco Sorbara, MP Deb Schulte, District Governor James Louttit, Past District Governor Michael Bell and ADG Ron Miller.
Over 100 people, Rotarians and non Rotarians, attended the event along with 22 Members of the Rotary Club of Valle del Salso that joined us in celebration of this important moment of our two Clubs.
Following the Rotarian ideal of "Service above self" the mission of the twinning is to bond people from different countries, backgrounds and believes, to develop a sustainable network because it is through the improvement of understanding that we bring peace to the world.