Community Service Committee Projects
Our work in our community
Helping in our community
Rotary Toronto Eglinton actively assists our community through a number of different Initiatives. Some our recent Community Service Committee projects include:

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation *NEW*

Needle Works Guild of Canada *NEW*

Nellie's Shelter *NEW*

Dismas Fellowship Network *NEW*

Fred Victor Mission – Home Starter kits

     Fred Victor - Clothing Donations

Fred Victor Mission – 200 Hygiene Kits

Sandwich Sisters – delivered sandwiches, cookies, baked goods, fruit, juice  every Monday to the Toronto Council Fire Native Community Centre

Sent School Supplies to Indigenous Students in Thunder Bay

Supported Daily  Bread Food Bank

Supported Churches on the Hill Food Bank

Supported Project Give Back

Support Robin Hood Army

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

Dystonia is a debilitating physical disease that limited flexibility and movement of joints. The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation was founded in 1976 by Samuel and Frances Belzberg of Vancouver, after their daughter was diagnosed with generalized dystonia. The mission of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada (DMRFC) is to advance research for more treatments and ultimately a cure; to promote awareness and education; and to support the needs and well being of affected individuals and families. DMRFC is a registered non-profit Canadian charity.
We recently made a financial contribution to this charity.

Needle Works Guild of Canada

This charity has 300 knitters who make hats, scarves, mitten, baby cloths etc. They were established in Toronto in 1892. They also accept and redistribute gently used clothing. We anticipate that in addition to donating money to them we can also collect any knitted items from our membership to donate. They have a distribution workshop in November of each year, and our plan is to donate items or help as drivers as needed.

Nellie's Shelter

This shelter assists battered women and children, immigrant women and children to recuperate and get settled into a new life. They provide accommodation, counselling, a community food bank, prepared foods to the community, clothing etc. In addition to financial support our Sandwich Sisters will be supporting this shelter with food starting in the Fall.

Dismas Fellowships Network

This organization provides fellowship to former prisoners. Their goal is to help prisoners to rehab and contribute to society. The Dismas Fellowship Network began in Toronto in 2003 and now has established
12 communities in Ontario.
We recently made a financial contribution to this charity.

School supplies for indigenous students 

In September 2020 The Community Service Committee assembled School supply Kits for indigenous students in Thunder /bay.

Fred Victor Clothing Donations

At the Rotary Toronto Eglinton Holiday Luncheon held on Wednesday December 15th 2021 the Community Service Committee asked Members to bring donations of warm winter accessories such as hats, scarves, mitts etc. The response was fantastic and we collected about 160 items that were then delivered to the Fred Victor Mission Community shelter at 40 Oak Street. Thank you to everyone who contributed,  The staff at Fred Victor commentefd that their stock was rather depleted and now they have new items to give their users to help them stay warm this winter. 

The inventory collected included:
23 pairs Mittens/Gloves
41 Toques
20 Scarves 
53 pairs Men's Socks/ 18 pairs Women's socks
3 Sweaters, 2 jackets, 1 outdoor vest
 Fred Victor Home Starter Kits
Home Starter Kits have been a Community Service Committee funding priority, and we are committed to a monthly donation of these kits to Fred Victor for 12 months. Home Starter Kits enable participants who have evolved through the Fred Victor recovery programs for drug addiction and alcoholism to move into a residence on their own and start to rebuild their lives. We supply them with the basic kitchen needs, bedding, small appliances etc to help them get started on a new productive life.
From Fred Victor:
The client this month that will receive the housing starter kit from the rotary club is a 27 year old single parent that has recently had to navigate the criminal justice system. As a result of the process, the client was incarcerated and needed to give up the apartment that they had. Because the person was incarcerated all of their belongings were disposed of or without a lot of notice. Now that the client is getting back to her life, they’re working with one of our housing workers to find a new apartment. The home starter kit will allow them to settle into they’re new place after an extended period of instability. Having a few things to help the transition can make a huge difference in the success that a person has stabilizing after major life impacting events. Thank you to the rotary club for your continued support! 

Fred Victor - Hygiene Kits

In addition to Home Starter Kits, we also assembled and donated approximately 200 Hygiene Kits to Fred Victor Shelters. These kits contain health & Hygiene items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair care products, deodorant, soap, wash cloth etc. We also assembled winter kits that included a warm scarf, socks etc.

Rotary Toronto Eglinton - Sandwich Sisters

Rotary Toronto Eglinton - Sandwich Sisters deliver every Monday to the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre.
We started in November 2020 and since then we have delivered well over 3,800 Sandwiches, 2,150 Juice Boxes, 850 Bags of Apples & Oranges, 2,500 Baked Goods & packages of Cookies, 1,200 granola bars, snack bars and 50 Gallons of Soup.

A thank you note from Toronto Council Fire

Good morning and many thanks from all of us at Council Fire. Your group is truly amazing and your donations always put to good use. Since the pandemic began the demand for food has increased significantly.
Although our centre is closed to the public, our staff continue to serve 3 meals Monday to Friday and 2 meals Saturday and Sunday, 365 days a year. For each meal we average between 100-150 people; so having the extra help ensures everyone gets fed.
Once again, many thanks!
Jackie Szkoda
Information Coordinator

Food Bank Support in 2020/21

We have supported several food banks through financial donations. This includes:
A donation of $2,500. was made to The Churches on the Hill Food Bank
A donation of $4,285 was made to the Daily Bread Food Bank
A donation of an additional $2,500 was made this spring.

Project Give Back

Project Giveback is a program that provides leadership education for elementary students. The program is designed to develop empathy, character building and ignite community and global minded citizens.
Rotary Toronto Eglinton supported Project Give Back with a donation of  $2,000 this year

Robin Hood Army

This year Rotary Toronto Eglinton collaborated with Robin Hood Army and in support of their COVID-19 related work with Fred Victor shelters.
Rotary Toronto Eglinton supported Robin Hood Army with a donation of  $2,000 this year as well as a large donation of new socks, underwear and hygiene supplies