Guest Speaker: Doug Penfold 

Doug Penfold an award-winning teacher-librarian with the TDSB.  For the past 13 years Doug has taught at Sloane Public School inspiring his students towards excellence and social justice.  He works with students new to Canada who speak another language at home other than English.  He works with the entire school on Library programs and is currently leading a school-wide project called What If . . . . . .?  The What If Poverty Project imagines a world with out poverty.
“What if . . . “ led to collaboration with Kids Against Hunger Canada, where students from Sloane Public School assembled food and packaged it into packages, boxes, and pallets for the needy.  The project raised over $6000 and packed 21,000 meals for the Kids Against Hunger Organization.  With the help of our Bingo funds Toronto Eglinton funded a pallet, amounting to over 1100 meals, for the Toronto North York Food Bank
Two young students from Sloane Public School, Paulina and Vivaan, gave Members insight into how and why a small K-5 public school decided to do a school-wide equity project on the topic of poverty and homelessness.  The “What if . . . . “ project helped to create an awareness, and develop an intellectual and emotional understanding of poverty both at home and abroad.  It sparked the students, staff, parents, and community into action resulting in mind shifts and positive changes. 
Deborah L thanked the students for an excellent presentation.  She commented that she looks forward to seeing them as future leaders in our Community.
Paul Conte (left), a visiting Rotarian from the Preston Club in Victoria, Australia exchanged banners with RTE Sergeant at Arms, Stephen Stein (pictured on right). He commented that his wife was Canadian and they were here to introduce her parents to their new grandchild.