David Lockett, Co-Founder and President PACT

David Lockett is a Toronto businessman, social entrepreneur, community volunteer and visionary, as well as a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow.
David spoke about the PACT LifePlan Coaching program. This is an award-winning, intensive and powerful program specifically geared to youth in conflict with the law who are at risk of becoming career criminals. The program gives youth the structure they need to focus on life improvement and the support network to keep them away from crime and past risk factors. The goal is to turn them into productive and law-abiding citizens.
All participants are matched up with a professionally-trained and certified personal coach who works with them one-on-one and on a weekly basis for up to one and a half years to build trust and capacity, address identified needs and work towards accomplishing set goals in five key areas of their life: Education/Training, Employment/Career, Health, Relationships & Wellness, Community Contribution and Connection and Justice System Disengagement.
PACT has a very low rate of recidivism, especially when compared to other programs. When asked for an example of this success, David shared an emotional story of one young man’s transformation from career criminal to productive citizen.
On behalf of RTE, Mike H presented PACT with a cheque for $7,200. This money will be used to fund 2 youths enrolled in the LifePlan Coaching program.