Guest Speaker: Mike Mooy

Walter P introduced RTE member and fellow co-chair of the Media Committee, Mike Mooy. Mike has been been a member of RTE for over 7 months , but was involved in Rotary long before joining. He has over 30 years expereince in marketing, sales management, and technology in the insurance industry. Mike is the son-in-law of Sandy L. 
Mike gave a presentation on our website, Facebook and the Clubrunner system. If you have not already done so, you are encouraged to visit the new website that Mike built and maintains at Having an modern and interesting website is important for RTE because it's the first place many members of public learn about us. The site also contains important information for RTE members. This includes news and special announcements, board minutes, POD details and much more. Everyone was reminded to check in on the website often.
Mike also talked about Facebook and provided a brief demonstration of our page. Our Facebook page is updated frequently with RTE and Rotary information that should be of interest to the public. We have had several thousands of visitors over the past few months and this has helped create membership interest. Our newest member, Yusur Al-Bahrani, told us she found us through Facebook. You can visit our Facebook page searching Rotary Toronto Eglinton within Facebook, or clicking on the icon found on every page of our website.
Mike concluded his presentation with a demonstration of the Clubrunner membership system. Clubrunner is the company that provides the membership system for Rotary. Mike echoed President Barb's earlier comments that Rotary International needs accurate club and member information, so its very important that everyone access their membership details and ensure it's updated.
Mike explained that he understands some people are not comfortable with computers and wants everyone to know that he's pleased to assist. He also provide a handout that he designed to assist people when accessing our website, Facebook page and membership details. Here's a copy:
It was a big week for Happy Bucks!
Barb – happy to have returned from a great holiday in Spain and also to have missed the upheaval of the Catalan referendum by a couple of days.
David C.S – happy to announce that the Community Service Committee is up and running being Co-Chaired by Norma D and himself.  
Stephen B – the Rotary Toast to Women’s Brain Health is shaping up nicely with encouraging ticket sales and lots of great auction items. Stephen encouraged members to keep up the great work by inviting friends and colleagues to the event.
Sandy – enjoyed a great trip to Uzbekistan and Turkestan both amazing counties and very different from each other
Lars – thanks for the ongoing Bingo support and cheering on World Vodka Day
John B – back from a trip to the Maritimes where he had a great time despite cool weather
Bob C– offered a donation in honour of those who had lost their lives in gun shooting in Las Vegas
Jackie – happy for the amazing power of Rotary.  Jackie has heard from Dennis G, a good friend of RTE who has partnered with our club on several occasions. Dennis is already in Puerto Rico working with Rotarians getting fresh water and infrastructure secured after the hurricane. Congratulations to Dennis for all he has done for Rotary and his fellow citizens.