RTE Member, Bruce Sinclair -Classification Speech 

Bruce was introduced by Mike H who explained that Bruce had “all the right stuff to be the perfect Rotarian.”  Bruce was brilliant in his own field of creative advertising, was the founder  and CEO of IDEA Studio, for some years had worked exclusively with non-profit organizations including UNICEF and Rotary International, and had achieved international acclaim for award-winning technology and communication products.
With the passing of founding member John Bonnick, Rotary Toronto Eglinton could not only look back on 65 years of excellent service but also look forward to a bright future with Bruce.
Bruce thanked Mike and the club for the welcome he had received, and explained that his grandfather had been a Rotarian and president of RC Bothwell in 1985.  He then gave a PowerPoint presentation which included impressive photos and videos of his work.  Details of interest and importance:
  • He studied classical animation at Sheridan College in Toronto, but during this gravitated towards story and design.
  • Following graduation he embarked upon a 25-year career in advertising, during which he represented Canada at the Cannes Festival (2005).  Bruce clearly had great success – but said he did not want to elaborate on that part of his career today.
  • About 8 years ago he established his IDEA Studio business, which he has kept “lean”.  This offers a complete service – ideas, executing them through development of strategy and production of video and other creative product, and serves clients who are non-profit social enterprises.  These include, for example, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, since 2014 UNICEF,  and Rotary International.
  • Bruce showed work on behalf of persons with disabilities, designed to increase their employment, where the fundamental concept was that it was profitable for employers to be inclusive.  The appeal was to the pocketbook, not charitable spirit.  Advertising copy was creatively attractive, but hard-hitting with slogans such as “People with disabilities don’t want your help, they want your job.”
  • For the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, a long-term client, the idea behind the video shown was illustrating the message of how living fully and healthily reduced risk of breast cancer – much more effective than giving this message in a lecture or in print.
  • Next Bruce showed draft video from his latest project, the Rotary Reef Project in the Philippines where he has been during the past two weeks, working with the RC of Atimonan in District 3820.  In a community where there is no future without fish, the economic mainstay, and where the seabed/reef  has  been destroyed by corporate trawlers using bad fishing practices, the new artificial reef is a Rotary wheel logo 70’ wide and 14’ tall.  Much of Bruce’s work there was filming underwater.
  • A major part of IDEA Studio’s work is now VR (virtual reality).  This has been used effectively for UNICEF.  Research showed that people still thought of cardboard boxes when they thought of UNICEF, and felt distant from the organization.  IDEA Studio’s high-quality VR is changing that.
  • Bruce, married with two children, is recently a grandfather – his son’s new son is named Maximus.  He credits much of his drive and social awareness to the example of his father, who was a leader of his Wolf Cubs pack during childhood, and encouraged him into the Reserves between the ages of 14-20.
Laura thanked Bruce for an inspiring presentation, and welcomed him once more.