Guest Speaker: Chad’s Classification Presentation


Chad F confessed that in his childhood he had been a “smart ass” and not so good at school work.  Among his earliest passions was baseball, especially attending games with his father from the age of three and wearing baseball uniforms to school until he was 10. This laid the background for a decidedly carefree approach to academics; he had always dedicated himself to being the class clown—and was quite successful at this aspect of life at Hebrew school. He was good at athletics and good at numbers.
An interest in academics was sparked by a grade 10 economics teacher followed by an interesting course in data management/probabilities in grade 12.  However, a mediocre 72% average was good enough to get him into Dalhousie University. A high school graduation gift of a very out of date computer finally motivated him to get to work when he got to Dalhousie. 
Meanwhile, athletics and theatre work were also on the margins of his life but he felt neither was his true calling. A girlfriend at university was followed by a 10 year gap of no girlfriends which has finally ended with his current housemate where things seem to be going well. Another pastime while at university was watching the business channel and second guessing the on air commentators, which encouraged him to think that he could do better than them.
Graduating in 2008 was not a good time to enter the workforce; two years of investing his own money proved that independence was not sustainable. After a few jobs of varying interest and success, he has found his way to working for his current boss and is finding it a rewarding experience.  He has learned from tough bosses and some organizations and has obtained the CFA designation.
In conclusion Chad commended businesses and organizations with “finally straightening me out.”  Now that he has ceased to be the class clown, he looks forward to learning from Rotary.
Tim commended Chad’s candid, straight forward, self-deprecating nature and willingness to help out and give back in some way.