Guest Speaker: Bronwyn Best, President, Heiwa Business International, and Senior Associate, InterPraxis - Business Ethics

Bronwyn Best is President, Heiwa Business International, as well as Senior Associate, InterPraxis, and has served as the National Coordinator and Senior Advisor for Transparency International Canada for 17 years. She has delivered presentations, workshops and courses on ethics to the International Council on Metals and the Environment, York University, Queen's University, Sheridan College and currently teaches "Cross Cultural Management" at the Schulich School of Business, York University.
Bronwyn spoke about why ethics matters to a company’s bottom line. In particular, there has been a fundamental shift over the past few years that requires a complete rethinking of the functions of compliance, governance and social accountability, putting ethics into the daily vocabulary of mainstream management. Effective management of business ethics requires an organizational strategy that is in tune with wider societal values and the public’s new expectations of business.
Over $1.5 trillion is lost annually to corruption and there have been various efforts to address this issue. This includes the Global Coalition against Corruption, other conventions, and anti-corruption laws in Canada, USA and UK.
Canada is not immune to international corruption with recent high profile cases in Alberta and Quebec. Unfortunately, Canada has been slower than the USA to take action against corrupt business practices and to develop stronger legislation and the financial support needed by the RCMP to pursue these crimes.
To aid Canadian businesses, the TI- Canada Anti-Corruption Compliance Checklist was developed. It provides easy to use tools to help businesses recognize issues and develop risk management processes in line with international standards. It is provided at no cost and can be downloaded here:
Today’s presentation is available for download on our website.