David Chapman Smith and Mike Hazell - Committee Updates

David and Mike are well known to RTE members for their hard work and dedication as past club presidents, and committee chairs.
David is a lawyer who recently retired after 27 years of serving as Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chiropractic. David chairs the Community Services Committee.
Mike H is best known for his tennis prowess, but before retiring, he owned one of the largest career coaching agencies in Canada. Mike chairs the Youth and Vocational Committee.
David started his presentation by explaining that the Community Services Committee has a budget of $25,000 and we want to ensure this money is used wisely. This year's committee is reviewing its current supported programs, as well as seeking new program. We currently support several great programs that include The Free Reading Program, Habitat for Humanity, North Toronto Soccer, Vibe Arts, Project Giveback, Native Youth, Wounded Warriors, Period Purse, and more.
The Committee needs RTE member suggestions for community programs that need our support. Ideally, these are programs that are stable, proven, and in need of volunteer support that fits our member’s interests and abilities. Recent examples of RTE supported programs that combine our financial and volunteer support include Out of the Cold, and Habitat for Humanity.
If you have a suggestion, please let David know ASAP. The committee meets again in October and needs your input.
At the last Committee meeting, several great suggestions were brought forward. This includes a suggestion from Mike M that we consider programs such as Pathways to Education. Gunizi suggested we explore the possibility of starting a youth choir, urban art group, or sports team. This would be a large, long term program that could attract media and political support.
To better ascertain interest and volunteer abilities from RTE members, David asked everyone to complete a short questionnaire. The results will help guide the committee in its program selection.
Mike H started his presentation by sharing his committee’s vision statement:
To support youth and vocational projects that provide young people from varying backgrounds with special and meaningful experiences, that instill in participants the Rotary concepts of ‘service before self and greater global understanding’, so they can become better world citizens and great ambassadors for Rotary.
For 2018/19, the Youth and Vocational Committee will focus on three main areas:
  1.  Making connections to advance neuro & brain plasticity development
  2. Women in STEM
  3. Vocational & professional  mentorship
Some of the ways the committee will address these areas include:
By connecting JPCI with Yunjo Lee and Baycrest we have already been able to set the wheels in motion for the development of the Neuro Brite program for Grade 11 students being launched this academic year. Yunjo Lee is a Project Manager in the Office of Vice-President, Research at St. Michael's Hospital and has lead the development, management, and implementation of institutional strategies and projects aimed at sourcing research funding and increasing the academic profile of the institution.
There are a couple of scientists at St. Mike's who are eager to do youth outreach: Dr. Sharon Straus (Chief of Medicine at St. Mike's, Professor & Vice-Chair, Mentorship, Equity & Diversity at Dept of Medicine at UofT), and Dr. Sharmistha Mishra (infectious disease physician & mathematician). We would like to apply to the NSERC PromoScience Program to fund our youth outreach and we have an idea but would like to get your advice on partnership. 
We are going try to further leverage these relationships to strengthen the STEM programs in Toronto by piggy backing on the GEM Initiative and the work of Yunjo Lee at St Mike’s hospital. GEM is a registered charitable organization that offers an innovative mentoring program for high school girls facing multiple barriers. GEM equips girls with the necessary skills to achieve their grown-up aspirations, building a diverse network of talented, vibrant women and girls to inspire and support one another. Angela Pun the Executive Director of GEM is expected to address RTE in October.
Working with the new TLTC manager, David Main, Mike, in his vocational duty capacity has begun an intensive team building program with the senior management team at TLTC, which involves developing team metrics, psychometrically assessing each team member and conducting 4 workshops leading up to a 2 day off site retreat in July. In return, the club has agreed to provide use of dinning and banquet services, which Mike will use for a networking program to advance women in STEM research.