Ashton Trotman-Grant: Advances in the Treatment of Cancer Patients

Ashton Trotman-Grant is a PhD candidate in the Department of Immunology at the University of Toronto. He works at Sunnybrook Research Institute where he studies how T cells develop from blood stem cells. In an effort to translate his work, he has recently co-founded a company with his Professor and collaborating scientists, called Notch Therapeutics, where they aim to develop off-the-shelf engineered T cells to treat cancer patients. He is also a huge proponent of science communication and is an experienced public speaker who gives inspiring, informative and though provoking talks that are understandable by even non-technical audiences
The main focus of today's presentation was on the leading edge medical research in Toronto, using stem cell therapy to treat a wide array of medical conditions. Stem cell research is making great advances, and companies are investing significant amounts in this research. Toronto is well positioned to take advantage of this research interest, given its cluster of hospitals close to each other and their affiliation with the University.
Joe thanked the speaker, noting how science has evolved to tackle medical issues previously beyond the breach of doctors.