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West Rotarians recently toured the new Jewel & Jim Plumb Heart Center. We were all impressed by the modern tech and patient-centered touches in the design. Thanks to Tom Vandevart for making the arrangements, and to Center director Jim Atty for the informative tour!
We were honored to have Cedar Rapids West member Peter Teahen and Iowa City AM member John Ockenfels discuss their Flight to End Polio at our 5th Wednesday event last week. It was incredibly interesting to hear about their journey, the challenges they faced, and the successes they celebrated along the way. Peter and John have already raised a tremendous amount of money to help eradicate polio worldwide. They don't hope... they BELIEVE it's possible. Even though their flight is complete, they are still raising money for this cause. Please consider donating today at
President Nick Kilburg
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John Wasta
Oct 04, 2023
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