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Rotary West, with the help of a District Matching Grant and sponsorship from West Music, has placed a Piano Lab in the Orchestra Iowa School. There are now six keyboards in the lab, with equipment that allows the teacher to work individually with a student using headphones, even in a group class. Education Director Myron McReynolds (pictured, with Penny Olson and President Matt Teply) says the first session with students has been completed, and several of the young people have decided to continue piano lessons!
Thanks to West Music, District 5970, and Penny Olson, who spearheaded the project.
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Angela Van Pelt
Jan 19, 2022
Long-Term Care Ombundsman for IA
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Feb 02, 2022
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Hailee Sandberg
Feb 16, 2022
Director, Linn County Extension
President Matt Teply
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