When Rotarian Sydney Baxter-Dennis traveled to Guyana, he was asked by the Rotary Club of Demara to support a fund raising effort by their Interact Club, the youth arm of Rotary.  This group of young people identified a need in their community and were actively fund raising. They wished to buy school supplies and backpacks to give to children in their community who would have trouble returning to school after the summer break because they would not have the necessary supplies.  Funds were sent to the Interact Club of Demarara to support this worthwhile cause.
This photo shows what Rotarian funds were able to purchase.

The Rotaract Club of Demerara joins the Rotaract Club of Linden in thanking sponsors Digicel Guyana, the Rotaract Club of Scarborough, Canada, Mark’s Foot Locker, ACVS Studio and LTI.