Annual Recognition Awards

Rotarian of the Year

The Rotary Club of Scarborough takes great pride in celebrating the outstanding achievements of each member. Every year we ask for nominations of those who have contributed in an outstanding way their commitment to Rotary through club activities and projects.

The Membership Committee asks all members of our club to nominate candidates for this honour. The Committee will carefully consider all nominations and a short list of nominees will be presented to the Board of Directors. Usually only one individual may be chosen by the Board to receive the Rotarian of the Year award.

A Rotarian of the Year Award acknowledges the outstanding contribution by a member to our club and our community through consistent and exemplary dedication to the Areas of Focus and the Four-Way Test.

Please note that anyone who received this award in the last five years cannot be nominated. 

Paul Harris Fellow

A Paul Harris Fellow is the highest Rotary Honor our Club can give to an individual. The individual may be a Rotarian in our Club, or an individual within our community. It recognizes individuals who have given outstanding service, either through our Club or directly within the Community.

All Rotary Club of Scarborough members are requested to nominate candidates who they feel meet the criteria for a Paul Harris Fellow. The Membership Committee will consider all nominations and a short list of nominees will be suggested to the Club Board of Directors. One or more individuals from the club and community may be chosen by the Board to receive a Paul Harris Fellow.

In addition, the Paul Harris Fellow acknowledges the contribution by an individual to the club or our community through the donation of a gift of $1,000 US, via the Rotary Club of Scarborough, to the Rotary International Annual Programs. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate and Paul Harris pin.

Recent Paul Harris Recipients

2019 - Karen Hamilton
2020 - Marcy Tomassini and Gerard Baribeau
2021 - Cathy Carson, Richard Turzanski
2021 - Dr. Myra Hird, Suman Roy, Richard Sabourin (Not Rotarians)
2022- Nevine Yassa, Flavia K. Naluyima, Jenny Foster 
2023 - Joan Barrett, John Barrett, David Muir, Toni Purdy, Malaravan Balachandran, Sidra Fallaha, Bette Ross, Marcy Tomassini, Debbie Nevils, and Bruce Pettit
Award Recipients of 2022 with Past President Marcy Tomassini.

Recent Rotarians of the Year

2016- Joan Barrett and John Barrett
2017 - Debbie Nevils
2018 - Gary McGregor
2019 - Audrey McCaskill and Michael Murton
2020 - Cathy Carson
2021 - T.P. Sheehan
2022 - Julie Gircys and Chris Musselman 
2023- Suzanne Adamkowski and Richard Turzanski