Posted by Jenny Foster on Dec 11, 2020
The Ongutoi Health Centre provides free healthcare to villages and communities in North Eastern and Central Uganda. The is a highly professional centre, treating  750-1,000 patients a month, including approximately 1 birth every day, with a mortality rate of only 1% versus a 10% rate in other areas.  Ongutoi is the only regional facility where a patient can be assessed, receive a prescription and have the prescription filled at no cost to the patient.  The Ongutoi Health Centre has treated over 170,000 patients since 2007. 
To maintain sustainable funding for the Health Centre, Onutoi undertook an ingenious and innovative project. In April 2019, a fruit processing plant developed by the South Korean and Ugandan Governments was opened with a demand of 6.5 metric tonnes of fruit every hour. So, Ongutoi asked local village leaders to donate land and planted an orange orchard. The orchard provides jobs for local people, contributes to the local economy, supports corporate investment in Uganda and uses all profits to cover the ongoing costs of the Health Centre. What a brilliant, elegant, and sustainable solution for the l
ocal economy and healthcare system! 
Already a project sponsor, this year, the Rotary Club of Scarborough supported the purchase and installation of a water collection system to support the irrigation of the orchard. Increased irrigation will help improve yields, increase the health of trees and ultimately provide better support for the Health Centre. The Ongutoi Health Centre "Water Collection for Sustainability" Project is a shining example of Rotary supported innovation, and the Rotary Club of Scarborough is proud to be a project partner.