It was a delight attending the Rotaract District Conference on Saturday June 11, 2016.  The level of enthusiasm and energy at this Conference was considerable.  One felt rejuvenated to meet all these young women and men and observe their enjoyment and interest. 


It brought back memories of  when I was a Rotaractor at the Heliopolis Club of Cairo, Egypt - translating the Rotaract Constitution from English to Arabic for District 2451.


It was a lovely day starting off with an ice breaker which  was astounding - we all had to create our own buttons  with  different stickers, rotary logos, sparkles, and coloured chalk, then exchanged badges with each other.  What a great opportunity it was to come to know other Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors.

Then, came the real work … we attended working sessions of our choice.  I attended a session on change, innovation, feedback which was very informative about how to deal with challenges.  Another session was on President Elect Training (PETS) which was awesome, giving information on how to delegate, while ensuring that the job is well done.   Kelly Ku, the current President of Rotaract was the presenter of this session.  She was very information, and professional.  I would encourage all Rotarians to attend the Rotaract Conference.