The Rotary Club of Scarborough closed its very first “Tree of Remembrance” project with a ribbon Blessing by the Church of Holy Trinity Guildwood on January 10th.
This year, for the first time in Canada, we established “The Rotary Tree of Remembrance” project.  An idea initiated by one of our newer members, from Ireland, which is where the idea originated.  The Tree of Remembrance allowed people the opportunity to remember loved ones and front-line workers, while also raising funds that the Rotary Club of Scarborough will use to support our many and varied local community projects.
The Rotary Club of Scarborough supports more than 20 groups and projects during the year, right here in our own community.  We have been straining our resources to provide meals for front-line workers in the local Scarborough hospitals.  We have partnered with Centennial College and the “House of Neighbours” to provide families with food provisions.  Regularly, we support four Scarborough food banks.  Twenty local families were provided with Christmas Season packages including food and other vouchers, gifts for the children, and a turkey for dinner on the 25th of December. Birkdale Residence, and Scarborough Boys and Girls Club are also supported by the Rotary Club of Scarborough.
In addition to the more than 20 local projects, the club supports several international projects as well.
Thank you for your support.