These folks are a part of the Interact Club of Scarborough, 12-18 year old Rotarians who share the concerns of all Rotarians.  The objects being woven in these pictures are mattresses, and the 'thread' is made of milk bags.

But why go through the trouble of weaving milk bags of all things, into mattresses?   Well, apart from providing an eco-friendlier way of disposing your old milk bags, these mattresses are far cheaper to produce than regular conventional mattresses and are incredibly strong and durable.


They are UV-resistant, meaning that they won't be damaged by exposure to light over long periods of time, and have anti-bacterial properties, so they can also serve as surgical stretchers. They are waterproof, washable, colourful, and have an estimated lifespan of twenty-five years!   This means that they can withstand terrible conditions through long-term use, which is why they are usually donated to either the homeless or third-world countries, giving individuals without beds a great alternative to sleeping on the often cold and damp ground.