House of Neighbours – Partnership with Centennial College – Supported by Three Rotary Clubs: The Rotary Club of Scarborough,  Scarborough Twilight and Scarborough Bluffs
This was a huge undertaking and had to happen fast.
Centennial College had food – masses of food – in their School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. They did not want it to go to waste and knew there were many hungry people in our community. After a couple of days of numerous calls and long days, and driven by Mohammed Mohyedin (House of Neighbours), and the Dean – Joe Baker- managed to get it organized.  Not easy when we were all under isolation, as rolled out by the Health Department and the Ontario Government.
Packing was done in three sanitized kitchens at Centennial College over three days. Rotarian Cathy Carson and friend Tom were in one kitchen (dry goods), and Rotarians John and Joan Barrett were in another kitchen (dairy and meat).  On the third day, Cathy, Joan and John did the produce kitchen and organized other remaining supplies.  
Kudos to the staff at Centennial College!  They kept us safe with locked entrances, security guards at the two entrances and provided separate washrooms.  Everything was sterilized again before we returned each day. Food deliveries occurred on April 9th.
Thank you to Scarborough Bluffs Rotary who provided the delivery boxes and large grocery bags for dairy and produce.   Thank you to Susan Roper of Scarborough Twilight Rotary who provided moral support as she came down with Covid19!
We managed to assist over 50 families!   Two boxes each of dried goods, a big bag of dairy products (primarily cheese, butter and yogurt) , a bag of fresh produce, 2 trays of eggs each and a huge piece of meat or fish (would feed about 8 adults).
These families all reside in our immediate community and consist of children who attend both the TDSB and the TCDSB.
Thank you to the Rotarian drivers who assisted us in this endeavour: Bette and Michael, Bruce and Ingrid, Cathy, Marcy, and friends of Rotary (Steve and Tom).  It was huge
Remaining items were delivered to Rotarian Rev. Alex Wilson for his St. Stephen’s Food Bank.
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