International Projects

Nepal - New Road City

With funds provided by the Rotary Club of Scarborough, the Rotary Club "New Road City" purchased computers for Panchakanya Secondary School in Ramkot village.  This school of 200 students, had no computers and thus no computer classes.   However, they had room to conduct computer classes.  The students of this school will definitely benefit from our contribution of computers. 
After research on what type of computers would be good for the school, it was decided that the Thin Client System, which has been used by many Rotary clubs, would be best.   This system uses a server through which we can make multiple stations.   Rotary provided a system with a server and 8 stations with Power backup battery system to run the computers so that their computer classes don’t get affected due to load sharing.   
The Thin client system is good for the school in numerous ways:
  1. Less power consumption,
  2. Hassle free environment for the students,
  3. Central server control,
  4. Occupied less space,
  5. Low cost, 
  6. Low trouble system (software).
Our District Web master, Rotarian Sailendra Joshi gave the club the idea of the Thin Client System.  Club members thanked him for this very good idea and he was also given the responsibility of arranging for the hardware and software installation.
On November 16th, a team of ten Rotarians led by President Nilkantha and Rotarian Ramila Shakya Shrestha ,visited the school with the computer hardware.  After a warm welcome and introduction with school management and teachers, everyone got to work and set up the computers.   The school principal said that he was very grateful to Rotary Club New Road City and is happy that his students can get computer classes.  These classes will be beneficial once students leave school to get jobs.   President Nilkantha mentioned to the school management that the teachers will be given training and the club members will be visiting quarterly to check how effectively the computer classes are running.


When Rotarian Sydney Baxter-Dennis traveled to Guyana, he was asked by the Rotary Club of Demara to support a fund raising effort by their Interact Club, the youth arm of Rotary.  This group of young people identified a need in their community and were actively fund raising. They wished to buy school supplies and backpacks to give to children in their community who would have trouble returning to school after the summer break because they would not have the necessary supplies.  Funds were sent to the Interact Club of Demarara to support this worthwhile cause. 
This photo shows what Rotarian funds were able to purchase.

The Rotaract Club of Demerara joins the Rotaract Club of Linden in thanking sponsors Digicel Guyana, the Rotaract Club of Scarborough, Canada, Mark’s Foot Locker, ACVS Studio and LTI.



This year an unprecedented epidemic affected countries in West Africa. A call went out to other Rotary Clubs from the Rotary Club of Monrovia, Liberia was seeking medical equipment or funds to help them to meet the rising needs in their community to combat the Ebola crisis.  

Rotary Club of Monrovia members were strategically positioned as hospital administrators who could ensure the funds were used on the most important issues at the time.  The Rotary Club of Scarborough immediately sent funds.  Seen here are members of the Rotary Club of Monrovia distributing:

  • medical equipment to smaller clinics who were under equipped during a time of crisis, and
  • portable thermometers to the police force so that people entering the police station could be monitored for exposure to Ebola.