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The Rotary Club of Scarborough is happy to support any of the food banks that we possibly can. Three of the banks are “ St. Stephens led by Karen McCarrol – Trinity United led by Donna Worden and Centennial College led by Gerard Baribeau.
We'll pick up bread at a local bakery like Port Union Bakery.  We often shop local groceries to get good deals. 
There is a great need to provide for.
We are proud to provide whatever we can, be it food or other product. If you know of a great deal going on, contact our Rotary Club or any of the other five clubs in Scarborough, and arrangements will be made for pickup.
Contact info:
Karen McCarrol: 416 592 0194
Donna Worden: daworden@aol.com
Marcy Tomassini: 416 567 2318
70th Anniversary Celebration of Past Rotary wonderful moments.

Congratulations go out to the members in the 70th anniversary committee.
Led by Audrey (the great organizer), the 70th Anniversary Committee were responsible for a very successful day. Smiling faces all around. Quite a large number of past presidents and/or stand-ins showed up via zoom. Each of the past-presidents spoke for a few minutes about what made their time as president of The Rotary Club of Scarborough memorable to them. It truly shows what Rotary is all about, Service above Self.

It was wonderful to listen to folks reminisce about their time as the president, and hearing about some of the projects that had taken place over the many years.

Gerard (club photographer) and Gary (club historian) did some great work in setting up “The Rotary Club of Scarborough’s 70th Anniversay Bluffer”. Distribution to all members was key to the success of this day. We were able to see some of the Rotarians that got us to where we are today. This is so important in the continuity of the club, especially for newer members.

Thank you to Mark Chipman (District Governor) for his appearance and Gerd Wengler for their support in attending this occasion.

The proceedings were recorded for posterity purposes, so if you would like to view it again, just contact Gerard or John.
Spreading some love and kindness the Membership Committee along with the Holy Trinity Church reached out to the Guildwood Extendicare.  Cookies, cards and plants were delivered by Cathy, Joan and Richard. Some small things to bring such great happiness to loved ones.
 Here we see a member of the Interact Club of Scarborough delivering gifts to Birkdale Residence. The Club with the help of Debbie Nevils raised sufficient funds for 2 PS 4 consoles, 2 games and 2 extra controllers.
Well done, goes a long way to help with the inactivity of the pandemic.
Thanks to all. 
Thank you for your service to Rotary. 
Literacy is a great deal in Rotary Club of Scarborough (RCoS) both young and old. A few months ago the CVS group led by T P Sheehan decided to support this organization with a much needed donation. In fact the KGO group is so well run that funds go a long way in helping adult literacy in this community.
Phylicia, who is responsible for this organization expresses her thanks to the club for all support and donations.
Thanks CVS and RCoS
Above we see Philicia in the process of doing some work.
The Pandemic has forced many individuals in our community to think outside the box. With the restrictions imposed on all of us of distancing and staying within our personal groups, the Parent Council of the Elizabeth Simcoe School decided they had had enough of their children not being able to exercise and have some activities, so they built the iconic Canadian backyard rink.
The project was conceived and run by the Parent Council volunteers.
Our CVS committee was approached, and it was decided to approve a $500 contribution as our part in reducing some COVID stress in our area.
In these cold days of January and February this rink will be put to good use.
Yours in Rotary – well done.
We, at the Rotary Club of Scarborough, have been serving the community since 1951. One of the alliances that was formed during the years is with the Church of the Holy Trinity in Guildwood.
The Rotary Club of Scarborough closed its very first “Tree of Remembrance” project with a ribbon Blessing by the Church of Holy Trinity Guildwood on January 10th.
This year, for the first time in Canada, we established “The Rotary Tree of Remembrance” project.  An idea initiated by one of our newer members, from Ireland, which is where the idea originated.  The Tree of Remembrance allowed people the opportunity to remember loved ones and front-line workers, while also raising funds that the Rotary Club of Scarborough will use to support our many and varied local community projects.
The Ongutoi Health Centre provides free healthcare to villages and communities in North Eastern and Central Uganda. The is a highly professional centre, treating  750-1,000 patients a month, including approximately 1 birth every day, with a mortality rate of only 1% versus a 10% rate in other areas.  Ongutoi is the only regional facility where a patient can be assessed, receive a prescription and have the prescription filled at no cost to the patient.  The Ongutoi Health Centre has treated over 170,000 patients since 2007. 
Partnering with St. Stephen's Food Bank, our elves are buying gift cards, food items and gifts for local families in need because no child should go without over the holidays. 

A special thanks to our larger Rotary Club of Scarborough community – because of you, we were able to increase the number of families we can support from 12 last year to 20 this year! Thank you for standing by us and continuing to support our work during the pandemic, including your recent support of our Drive-Thru Rib Fest! 

The Rotary Club of Scarborough Supports Birkdale Residence


As members of the Rotary Club of Scarborough we are honoured to support the much-needed work done at Birkdale Residence, now and going forward.

Media Release -June 2020 – Part Three:
The Rotary Club of Scarborough and the Rotary Club of Scarborough Charitable Foundation continue to be busy doing our part in this Covid-19 Pandemic.  This is Part Three.
Scarborough’s YouthLink Emergency Shelter and Transition Home has, like many of us, had to cancel several of their fundraising programs, leaving them in need of funds to support their unplanned COVID-19 expenses.  The Rotary Club of Scarborough Charitable Foundation has provided $1500.00 to assist them in this unprecedented time.
The Rotary Club of Scarborough has been very, very, busy during this Covid-19 Pandemic.  Over the next few days we will be posting many of our projects.  This is Part Two.
Vulnerable Families Project – TDSB and TCDSB:
Through local Rotarian members and their local school board connections, it was brought to our attention that many families (known by principals in their respective schools) have no money for food and are struggling to pay rent.  With the support of Superintendents within the TCDSB and the TDSB, our Club purchased $4000 worth of $50 Food / Gift Cards which were delivered to Principals for distribution.   
This project was a special request from the TDSB.  Here is one letter we recently received.
“I am writing to you to thank you for your most generous donation of food gift cards to ten families from our school. As I am sure you are aware, our school services students and families from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and economic realities. We are situated in a designated area of economic need and we also welcome families who have made the journey to Canada to escape war and persecution in other countries.
Your donation will ensure ten of our families will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a solid base of food items they can draw from when things get challenging. It will also ensure that in the midst of this global crisis, they understand their needs are important and that there are individuals and larger organizations who are actively trying to help them. I therefore thank you on behalf of myself, the families who have been touched by your generosity, our School Board and the wider community which they serve.”
The Rotary Club of Scarborough has been very, very, busy during this Covid-19 Pandemic.  Over the next few days we will be posting many of our projects.  This is Part One.
During the Month of April, we assisted the newly formed House of Neighbours (founder Mohammed Mohyedin), working with Centennial College on Progress Avenue, in the packing and delivery of groceries to 60 families in our area.
This project was repeated in May for another 60 families, and is again in process, for another 60 families as this article is being posted.
The hospital's kitchen is only supplying patients, which leaves the hospital's Frontline Workers without meals.  These folks often stay on the one floor for the whole shift, and many do not get home.
For the third Wednesday, the Rotary Club of Scarborough has provided meals to Hospital Staff, this week to Birchmount Campus (Formally Grace Hospital).  These meals are being prepared by 5n2 Kitchens.   
Many of our members have volunteered to help with the deliveries, while practicing proper “social distancing”.  This photo includes Helen, Eugene and Gerard from the Rotary Club of Scarborough and two 5N2 Kitchen staff.
5N2 can be found on the web at https://5n2kitchen.com/
Rotarian Abhi Shah brought to our attention the need for food for hospital staff.   All sources of food in the three Scarborough hospitals are closed and many staff are not even going home! The hospital kitchen is only supplying patients. 
Our club contributed funds to provide food every Wednesday for six weeks beginning April 15. This food is being prepared by 5n2 Kitchens.   
Many of our members have volunteered to help with the deliveries.  Last week's meals went to Birchmount Campus (Formally Grace Hospital).  Proper “social distancing” is being maintained.  The photo includes two 5n2 employees and Ingrid and Bruce from the Rotary Club of Scarborough.
5n2 can be found on the web at https://5n2kitchen.com/contact/
No Frills Gift Cards
Through local Rotarian members and their local school board connections, it was brought to our attention that many families (known by principals in their respective schools) have no money for food and are struggling to pay rent.  With the support of a Superintendent within the  TDSB, our Club purchased $2000 worth of $50 No Frills Gift Cards which were delivered to TDSB Principals for distribution.    This project was a special request from the TDSB.
The stories are heartbreaking.  The folks are so appreciative.
House of Neighbours – Partnership with Centennial College – Supported by Three Rotary Clubs: The Rotary Club of Scarborough,  Scarborough Twilight and Scarborough Bluffs
This was a huge undertaking and had to happen fast.
Centennial College had food – masses of food – in their School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. They did not want it to go to waste and knew there were many hungry people in our community. After a couple of days of numerous calls and long days, and driven by Mohammed Mohyedin (House of Neighbours), and the Dean – Joe Baker- managed to get it organized.  Not easy when we were all under isolation, as rolled out by the Health Department and the Ontario Government.
The Interact Club of Scarborough presents their Milk Bag Mattress Event.  Consider dropping around and giving them a hand.  Interactors are Rotarians ages 12 - 18, and they are always on the look-out for more members.  If you are interested, drop around.
The Knotty Knitters are a wonderful, dedicated group of Guildwood women who put  their heart, soul and love of knitting into action. 
They provide hundreds of hand knit hats and mitts to young students in two of our local Scarborough schools through the Rotary Club of Scarborough program.       
Thank you Knotty Knitters, you are very much appreciated by all.
The Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) is one of the largest grassroots, multi-club, multi-district projects in Rotary. More than 600 clubs and 80 districts have been working together since 1997 to improve education for underserved students in Guatemala.  The Rotary Club of Scarborough is a proud contributor to the GLP.
We are supporting a major effort in "Adopt A Village" in Laos. This photo illustrates a Water Tank under construction. This project is facilitating a permanent water supply, with a dam, 4km of buried pipe, water tank and tap posts throughout the village of Sandluangnoi. This marks their 17th permanent water supply.  If you would like additional information on Rotary's work in Laos, follow this link:  http://AdoptAVillageinLaos.wordpress.com
The Rotary Club of Scarborough has recently led a project to install solar panels and lighting at the El Arca orphanage in Peru.

Doing our part to reduce personal interaction, club and committee meetings are now being held electronically,
until at least April 1, 2021.


Check back for updates.

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