Administered by the Rotary Club of Picton

The Matt Stever Fund was created to assist families in the Quinte area who suffer hardship due to family crisis specifically, but not limited to, hardship caused by the severe illness, accident or death of a child. 
Matt Stever was a promising young Prince Edward County man who was living and working in Taiwan when he sustained a serious and eventually fatal accident. His parents, Roger and Mary Stever, were in part supported during this time by the PEC community. This support allowed them to be at their son’s bedside following his accident.
They felt that, based on their experiences, they wanted to set up a fund which would allow other families who might go through this wrenching experience to have the benefit of the same kind of support that they were offered in their time of need.
Correspondingly, with the leftover funds, and with the funds added to by the community, they established the Matt Stever Fund in the memory of their son. The Rotary Club of Picton is honored to administer this on their behalf. Currently, the funds are being supplemented by fundraisers in memory of Matt Stever which have been put on by many local organizations as well as individual donations.
Donations can be made online to the Rotary Club of Picton - Matt Stever Fund by clicking on one of the links below. As well, donations can be sent to the Rotary Club of Picton, Box 6015, Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0.  A charitable tax receipt is available for any donation of $20.00 or more.
An application for assistance can be accessed at the top of this page and should be emailed to Andrew Janikowski, Chair, Matt Stever Fund at

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Matt Steven Fund to Support the Family of Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen is the loving daughter to Mikayla Deal and Joe Kennedy and the spunky sister to Connor and Aiden. She is two years old, soon to be three, and has just been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma - an eye cancer that begins in the retina and if left untreated can spread into the brain and other parts of the body.  Her cancer has been caught early, which gives hope that with the right treatments and chemotherapys' she will kick cancer's ass.