Rotary Club of North Scarborough
                                                                                  Aug. 20, 2014
Anthem:  Frank Allison
Grace:  Peter Masson
Toast: Madhavi Chandrasekaran 

In attendance:      19      (including  guests) 
Guests:  William Cherniak, our speaker
Saty Seemungal, father of David


Saty Seemungal announced that the 12 bed palliative care unit we have supported has opened in Trinidad.

Dhanni Ramdeen announced that a Bridge to Health event in Toronto on Thursday Sept 4 will be open to a few members of our club. Dr. Geoffery Anguyo, Executive Director of the KAHIFO foundation, will be here from Uganda and he and Dr. William Cherniak will be speaking. KAHIFO is a medical project in Uganda that we have been supporting, along with several other Rotary Clubs.

President Maddy thanked all who had submitted Rotary moments and also thanked all volunteers currently acting as chefs for the Habitat for Humanity.   Volunteer spaces are still available.

She also announced a Directors Meeting on Monday Aug 25, at Gordon Brown's at 6:30 pm

Marbelous draw conducted by Mike Mushet was drawn by Dr. William Cherniak and won by Saty Seemungal. 

The mutant marble was not found and the $5 consolation prize was awarded

Sergeant at Arms. Frank Allison

Fines:  Our SAA fined all who have not provided a Rotary Moment $2, and all who have not nominated a speaker in last 12 months, were fined $1

Happy bucks were provided by:  Saty Seemungal donated his marbelous winnings back. Arthur Retnakaran provided a cooking story from a friend of his daughter regarding an egg timer. I will not repeat it. Jack Holman was happy we are not broke-encouraging news from your Treasurer. Basil Dias went to Garrison and learned much about scotch and some other less interesting beverages. David Seemungal was happy his father was here. President Maddy was happy she completed her green belt in the Six Sigma process(waste elimination concepts), this past weekend.

New Member Induction:  Arthur Retnakaran, Basil Dias, Al Meredith, and President Maddy inducted our newest member, Donna Salamalay.


Today’s speaker, Dr. William Cherniak, was introduced by Dhanni Ramdeen and he provided an update presentation on Bridge to Health, the KAHIFO Project we support in Uganda, along with three other clubs, and a district grant.

Further info is available at and

Dr. Cherniak was thanked by Arthur Retnakaran for his presentation. 

A sound file of the presentation is attached as follows:



Donna Salamalay is inducted as a new club member by Arthur R.,  Alan M., President Maddy and Basil D.


                                        Arthur Retnakaran thanks our speaker Dr. William Cherniak