Goal: Send urgently needed Medical Supplies To Ukraine

Approach: In March 2022the Markham Sunrise Rotary club joined together with the Canadians Care Collective ( a team of Canadian Volunteers led by Tracey Burton and Tammy Isa) and other partners to deliver urgently needed  medications and medical supplies to Ukraine. We have people on the ground telling us what is needed, a proven supply chain from Canada to Ukraine (with auditing and export facilitated by HPIC Canada and supplies delivered by RAZOM/Dignitas and CAM-Z) and relationships with various pharmaceutical companies who have generously donated their products. Our approach is to get in-kind donations and to use the funds raised online and at events to pay for the audit and shipping of these donations. The medications and medical supplies are delivered to Ukraine hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and directly to the front lines.

Results To Date: See Tracey talking about the initiative on Breakfast TV -http://www.breakfasttelevision.ca/videos/canadians-care-collective-sends-medical-supplies-to-ukraine 

We just received approximately $100 million (retail value) of drugs donated by various pharmaceutical companies (see below) and we need to raise funds to pay for audits and shipping:

  • Apotex- generously donated 77 pallets of dexamethazone (used to treat inflamation/pain)
  • Weber Naturals- generously donated 30 pallets of Vitamin C  tablets (enough vitamins for a 30 day supply for 200,000 soldiers)
  • PharmaScience - generously donated 14 pallets of various emergency meds
  • Viatris- generously donated 2 pallets of Synthroid

Feb 14 2023 - HPIC Offices - Preparing to Ship The Dexamethazone and Vitamins to Ukraine 


This is in addition to the following supplies already delivered:

    How We Do It - Logistics, Supply Chain And Partners

    1. Canadians Care Collective Fund (CCCF) - A group of friends called to action. CCCF are managing the overall campaign including Marketing, Fundraising, Purchasing, Distribution and Logistics
    2. Markham Rotary Club Foundation (MRCF)- A Canadian Registered Charity - MRCF facilitates our fundraising using the CanadaHelps online platform and leverages the resources of the Rotary Club organization. Tax Receipts issued by CanadaHelps
    3. Maple Hope Foundation (MHF)  -Founded in 2014 in Vancouver, MHF is a team of Ukrainian-Canadians dedicated to providing aid to Ukraine with projects such as: delivering medical supplies, helping displaced women and children meet their daily needs, and delivering safety equipment to Ukraine's defenders.
    4. Health Partners International Of Canada (HPIC) - HPIC improves the health and well-being of more than one million people around the world every year. HPIC is set apart by its unique relationship with Canada’s pharmaceutical industry in receiving donations of medicine and medical supplies for ongoing work in international development. HPIC works with many partners, including Canadian health care professionals, government and non-government organizations, companies, foundations and everyday Canadians to bring health to children and families living in vulnerable communities. As the only charity licensed by Health Canada to handle donated medicines, Canadians choose to partner with HPIC to support healthcare systems around the world with limited resources. HPIC is our partner for handling donations of medical supplies.
    5. NKS Health - NKS Health is an established, innovative specialty pharmacy focused on complex disease management. Established in 2007, they are an industry leader with 4 accredited pharmacies, 19 infusion clinics, and a national network. NKS are providing prioritized Medical Supplies at cost
    6. RAZOM/Dignitas - RAZOM, Inc is a North-American non-profit organization with an established network of partners across the globe. Razom have been supporting Ukraine since 2014 and work with various partners on the ground to deliver and distribute supplies based on the priorities. RAZOM in Ukraine is now operating as Dignitas, Click here for updates
    7. CAM-Z - Click the CAM-Z link for info on CAM-Z's history. Since Feb 24, 2022, CAM-Z has focused on providing urgent assistance to refugees who pour into Zakarpattya from all over Ukraine. We also prepare and send humanitarian aid to the regions where the situation is the most critical.  

    In-Kind Donation Partners

    • Hikma Pharmaceuticals generously donated $2.6 million (87 pallets) of Anesthesiology drugs needed for surgery. This equates to 175,880 * 20ml vials of SuccinylCholine Chloride and 310,190 * 20ml vials of Lidocaine. We worked with HPI Canada and CAM-Z to get these shipped to Ukraine. 
    • ICP Canada Inc generously donated $76,000 of re-usable surgical gowns. This equates to 2142 reusable isolation gowns (levels 1, 2 and 3).We worked with RAZOM to get these shipped to Ukraine. 
    • Apotex- generously donated 77 pallets of dexamethazone (used to treat inflamation/pain) - we are working with both RAZOM and CAM-Z to get these shipped to Ukraine
    • Weber Naturals- generously donated 30 pallets of Vitamin C  tablets (enough vitamins for a 30 day supply for 200,000 soldiers)
    • PharmaScience - generously donated 14 pallets of various emergency meds
    • Viatris- generously donated 2 pallets of Synthroid
    Call To Action: Click the "Donate Now" button on this page - you will be directed to the fundraising page on CanadaHelps where you can make a one-off or monthly donation . Note that any donation amount of $3 or more will be issued a charitable donation tax receipt from CanadaHelps for the full amount of your donation and 96% of your donation amount will go directly to helping people on the ground in Ukraine.

    Call To Action For Organizations: Can you help on a bigger scale with an employee matching program or a donation in kind or in other ways? If yes, please email ukraine@markhamrotary.ca 

    Past Fundraising Events

    Important: All donations will be applied to those medical needs in Ukraine as determined from time to time by officials of Canadians Care and the Markham Rotary Club Foundation. Due to Ukraine being in a conflict/war zone, exact use of donations is subject to change at any time. Donations will be used for purchasing, transportation, distribution, logistics, and related purposes. Approximately 4% of your donation is used for administrative processing of your donation including standard third party credit card transaction processing fees.

    Any questions/ideas - contact us at ukraine@markhamrotary.ca  

    QR Code: Also take a picture or screenshot of the QR code below so you can share the link from your phone when you're out and about :-)