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Winter Holidays - Lunch Suspended Till January 9, Dec 19, 2018

Winter Holiday Break

Lunch Meeetings are Suspended Till Wednesday 9th Of January

Dr. Clarisse Chan Jan 09, 2019 12:00 PM
What's Posture Got To Do With It?
What's Posture Got To Do With It?

Good posture, bad posture. Does it really matter? Dr. Chan discusses why posture is so important and how to correct it.

Dr. Clarise Chan is a family wellness chiropractor that practices in the heart of Humber Bay Park in Etobicoke. Her passion for Chiropractic was sparked by a series of events that changed her father's health and life. She has a specialty in pediatrics and prenatal care and is excited to see her community get better, one adjustment at a time.

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