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Inter-Rotary Spelling Bee - Our local contestants competed on June 9th in Belleville in the Spelling Bee Final. Contestants from the Left Esmerelda W-C from Hillcrest, Taylor W from Percy, and August D from St. Mary's Campbellford, Buzz Bee and Rotarian Tom Dafoe. Junior Contestants from the Left Meagan Hay Hillcrest, Buzz Bee, Lewis S from St. Mary's Campbellford and missing Paiton C from Percy. A great job by the contestants and thanks to the staff at the schools for helping organize the bee.

Ticket 173 -- Kendall Stephen, sold by John Russell -- $100
Ticket 410 -- Sharon Vanclief. sold by Kathy Herrold -- $100
Ticket 310 -- Liz Doll sold by Andy Hornsby-- $100
Ticket 417 -- Cathy Redden, sold by Ken Tully-- $200
Ticket 72 -- Tom Holmes, sold by Tom Holmes -- $300
Ticket 168 -- Garry Newman, sold by John Russell -- $500
Ticket 314 -- David Westlake, sold by Arnold Westlake -- $2,000

Congratulations to the winners of the May Trip of the Month Draw:

$2,000 – Penny Radford (482) sold by Andy Hornsby

$500 – Ted Nicholas (362) sold by Rob Pope

$300 – Sarah Connor-Peeling (447) sold by Andy Hornsby

$200 – Debby Carlaw (340) sold by Jim Reavell

$100 – Liz Doll (311) sold by Andy Hornsby

$100 – Joanne Simpkin (166) sold by Wallace Brown

$100 – Terry Ward (393) sold by Dave Carlaw

Kathy Dafoe as pronouncer and Rotarians Garry Holmes and Tom Dafoe officiated the Spelling Bee at Percy Centennial School on April 24th.
The kids were excellent and the Rotary Club of Campbellford would like to thank Teacher Stacey O'Brien for organizing the Spelling Bee for us.
It was a close competition and we all enjoyed it.
Below Junior Winners:   From left to right Rotarian Tom Dafoe, Mackenna Jacobs (2nd), Heyden Medlock (3rd), Paiten Caldwell (1st) and Rotarian Garry Holmes


$100 ticket 246 – Peter Nobes sold by Wally Brown

$100 ticket 479 – Sonya Towns sold by Cathy Beamish

$100 ticket 272 – Tara Rawluk sold by Paul Stewart

$200 ticket 444 – Darwin Smith sold by Art Chamberlain

$300 ticket 345 – Roger Lee sold by Ron Peters

$500 ticket 450 – Sandi Sheaff sold by Kimberly Hulsman

$2000 ticket 123 – Ginette Dehne sold by Kathy Herrold

February Trip of the Month draw winners:
$100 - Barb Gomme, Ticket 463 sold by Dan Hudson
$100 -- Earl & Barbara Fry, Ticket 434 sold by Bob Bothwell
$100 -- Bev Hutchison, Ticket 348 sold by Ron Peters
$200 -- Michelle Cross, Ticket 355 sold by Cathy Beamish
$300 -- Adrianne Towns, Ticket 113 sold by Kathy Herrold
$500 -- Elaine Read,  Ticket 137 sold by Cathy Beamish
$2,000 -- Lisa Hossack, Ticket 336 sold by Andy Hornsby

Congratulations to all the 2018 Trip of the Month Winners for January:

$2,000 – Amber Rabethge (285) - sold by Paul Stewart
$500 - John Duggan Chapelin (254) – sold by Paul Stewart
$300 – Kathy Holmes (229) - sold by Garry Holmes
$200 – Rob Beck (12) – sold by Paul Stewart
$100 – Wayne Mathews (267) – sold by Paul Stewart
$100 – John Boyle (84) – sold by Tom Holmes
$100 – Sue Locke (236) – sold by Garry Holmes

The Rotary Club of Campbellford was pleased to run the Spelling Bee at Island Park Retirement Home in Campbellford on January 10th.
We had 7 excellent contestants   Marilyn Vanden Dussen,   Jean Taylor, Dorothy Austin , Teresa Weir, Lois Neshiem, Betty Langford and Chris Whitfield.
January 2017July 2017
$2,000.00 - Wayne Morrison$2,000.00 – Heather Walker
$500.00 - Thea Dunk$500.00 – Steve McKeowan
$300.00 - David Barry$300.00 – Judy Duncalfe
$200.00 - Lynn Imperial$200.00 – Joanne Kilbourne
February 2017August 2017
$2,000.00 – Alicia Pettey$2,000.00 – Peter Nobes
$500.00 – Chris Gabriel$500.00 – Margo LaFrance
$300.00 - Paul Pinsent$300.00 – John Bentham
$200.00 - Hope & Matt Locke$200.00 – Paul Burgess
March 2017September 2017
$2,000.00 – Rachel Rutherford$2,000.00 – Rick and Judy Norlock
$500.00 – Jim and Grace Clare$500.00 – Ann Anderson
$300.00 – Vicki Sceney$300.00 – Connie Phillips
$200.00 – Ryan Spencer$200.00 - Bruce and Lori Ann Petty
April 2017October 2017
$2,000.00 – BMR MFG Staff ticket$2,000.00 – Bruce Thompson
$500.00 – Ann and Art Linton$500.00 – Ann Anderson
$300.00 – Eunice Stapley$300.00 –Joanne Simpkin
$200.00 – Scott and Charlene Beamish$200.00 – Bill Jaques
May 2017November 2017
$2,000.00 – Fran Spencer$2,000.00 – Bruce Thompson
$500.00 – Korry Nicholson$500.00 – Rob Milligan
$300.00 – Judy Duncalfe$300.00 –Cozette Barnum
$200.00 – Karen Snyder$200.00 – Ted & Darlene Nicholas
June 2017December 2017
$2,000.00 – Brent Delaney$2,000.00 –Darrel Brunton
$500.00 – Peter Nobes$500.00 – Pat Fennell
$300.00 – Mildred Campbell$300.00 –Linsey Spencer
$200.00 – Shirley Preston$200.00 – Marilyn Belanger
We had an informative talk by our guest speaker Varouj Eskedjian, president and CEO of Campbellford Memorial Hospital. He discussed the hospital's growing partnerships with Northumberland Hills Hospital in Cobourg. And he said plans for a new hospital will be unveiled soon.

Winners of the November Trip of the Month draw.

$200 Ticket #317 sold by Rob Pope to Ted & Darlene Nicholas
$300 Ticket# 359 sold by Ron Peters to Cozette Barnum
$500 Ticket# 263 sold by Rob Milligan to Rob Milligan
$2,000 Ticket# 8 sold by Scott Drummond to Bruce Thompson

Don't forget tickets are now on sale for the 2018 draws. Just $150 and you have 72 chances to win.


Congrats to all the winners.

$200 ticket #185 sold by Bob Crate to Bill Jaques
$300 ticket # 283 sold by Wally Brown to Joanne Simpkin
$500 ticket #331 sold by Arnold Westlake to Anne Anderson
$2,000 ticket #008 sold by Scott Drummond to Bruce Thompson

Tickets for our 2018 draws are now on sale. Contact any Rotarian . We've increased the prize money and added more chances to win.

Tickets just $150. Proceeds support our community activities.

Thanks to the Canadian Army cadets and the Youth Advisory Council we made quick work of removing brush and trees along the corewall beside the Trent River. Next step is adding fill and grading to complete the Rotary Trail extension. 
Check out the pictures here 

The Friends of Ferris are pleased to announce the installation of new playground equipment. We would like to thank the Campbellford Seymour Community Foundation, the Campbellford Rotary, a generous anonymous donation and Ontario Parks, who all contributed to make this happen.     Includes an accessible swing. 

Campbellford Seymour Community Foundation - Martha Murphy (Executive Director)

Campbellford Rotary - John Russell

Ontario Parks - Rob Cunningham, Rachel Windsor, Kirsty Bowie, Bobbie Rutherford

Friends of Ferris - Steve and Donna Wilson, Carol Robertson


Congratulations to the winners of the September Trip of the Month draw held at today's meeting:

$2,000 - Rick and Judy Norlock
$500 - Ann Anderson
$300 - Connie Phillips
$200 - Bruce and Lori Ann Petty

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We had an excellent presentation on Monday by Richard Mewhinney of the Rotary Club of Newmarket. He told us about all the work that Rotary has done in Ongutoi Uganda in recent years to support a health centre. He is currently leading a water collection project to support a fruit tree orchard that will generate profits to finance the health centre

Congratulations to our Trip of the Month winners for August:

$200 -- Paul Burgess
$300 -- John Bentham
$500 -- Margo La France
$2,000 -- Peter Nobes


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