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Trip of the Month winning tickets were selected during our Christmas dinner. Catherine Holt, our newest member, helped Tom Dafoe by drawing one of the numbers.
$ 100 -- Steve Sharpe sold by Steve Sharpe, ticket 358.

$100--   Dawn Wanamaker sold by Paul Stewart, ticket number 15.

$100 --  Paul Williams sold by Rob Pope, ticket number 403.

$200 -- Thea & Bruce Dunk sold by Rob Pope, ticket number 180.

$300 -- #345 Bev Hutchinson sold by Ron Peters, ticket 345.

$500 -- Joanne Simpkin sold by Wallace Brown, ticket 166.

$2,000 -- Sharon Davidson sold by Kimberly Hulsman, ticket 455.
Past-President Wally Brown reads out a number selected by Rotarian Arnold Westlake. 
The Trip of the Month winners for November are:
$100 – Jean Bracy, sold by Kathy Herrold, ticket 125
$100 – Scott and Cathy Beamish, sold by Cathy Beamish, ticket 149
$100 – Neil Burgess, sold by Gary Holmes, ticket 228
$200 – Julie Owens, sold by Deanna Renouf, ticket 28
$300 – Linda Pettibone, sold by Arlene Whidden, ticket 373
$500 – Sherwin Stapley, sold by Tom Holmes, ticket 69
$2,000 – Doug Irwin, sold by Ken Tully, ticket 423
Despite the cool, rainy weather Rotarians had a great time during the Campbellford Santa Claus parade on Saturday and gathered a lot of food for the Fair Share Food Bank.
The October Trip of the Month winners were drawn by Rotarian Bob Crate during our meeting on Oct. 29. And the winners are:
$100 -- Barb Dankmeyer -- ticket 405 sold by Kathy Herrold

$100 -- Carolyn Quinn -- ticket 55 sold by Tom Holmes

$100 -- Kerrie Morley -- #46 sold by Scott Drummond 

$200 -- Jack Maynes -- #396 sold by Kathy Herrold

$300 -- Gary Fennell -- #96 sold by Marion Fennell

$500 -- Alison Summerfeldt -- #16 sold by Deanna Renouf

$2,000 -- Gord Leverton -- #124 sold by Cathy Beamish
At our meeting on Monday, Oct. 22 club Director Rob Pope presented Ted Morrison of the Rotary Foundation with a cheque for $4,300 money raised by the club for Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio. Morrison also talked to the club about Rotary's international efforts that have cut the number of cases world-wide to 14 so far this year. Only Afghanistan and Pakistan currently have new active cases. 
Tom Holmes, organizer of the Rotary Club of Campbellford's annual golf tournament, presented Trent Hills Fire Department Chief Tim Blake with a cheque for $2,500. Again this year, firefighters sold golf tournament raffle tickets and the club shared the proceeds. 
The draw for the September Trip of the Month winners was held on Monday during our regular meeting. And the winners were:
  • $100 -- Sandy Sheaf, ticket 450, sold by Kim Hulsman
  • $100 -- Bobby Landry, ticket 301, sold by Paul Stewart
  • $100 -- Joanne Yaskow, ticket 20, sold by Deanna Renouf
  • $200 -- Nancy Brown, ticket 71, sold by Tom Holmes
  • $300 -- Gary and Angela Sharp, ticket 94, sold by Tom Holmes
  • $500 -- Bill Van Huizen, ticket 257, sold by Paul Stewart
  • $2,000 -- Paul Stewart, ticket 256, sold by Paul Stewart.
Congratulations to all winners. Tickets for the 2019 draws are now on sale. Contact any Rotarian to get yours. 
Before Wednesday night's Yuk Yuk's performance at the Aron Theatre, Rotary Club Secretary Art Chamberlain presented the theatre with a cheque for $2,000 to help pay for it's green roof. Left to right are Art, Aron Operational Manager Joe Donato, Board Member Earl St. Jean, Aron President Luanne Donahoe, and Past President and Chief of Finance Russ Christianson.
Lucia Paramidani arrived recently from Argentina to spend the next year as a Rotary Exchange Student in Campbellford. At our meeting on Monday she presented President John Russell with an Argentinian flag made from felt. 
She will be spending time with several different families in the area and attending Campbellford District High School. 
Past President Marion Fennell drew the winning tickets from Wally Brown's high tech bin for our August Trip of the Month draw.
Congratulations to the winners:
$100 -- Marilyn Keene, ticket 352 sold by Cathy Beamish
$100 -- Katherine Curle, ticket 130, sold by Kathy Herrold
$100 -- Neil Burgess, ticket 228, sold by Garry Holmes
$200 -- Chris and Kim Fry, ticket 435 sold by Bob Bothwell
$300 -- Jim Rix, ticket 347, sold by Ron Peters
$500 -- Brenda Doidge, ticket 99, sold by Arnold Westlake
$2,000 -- David Barry, ticket 381, sold by John Gabriel
Rotarian Arnold Westlake picked the winning numbers for the Trip of the Month draw for July and Past President Wally Brown checked the numbers closely. The winners were:
  • $100 – Lisa Hossack, ticket 336, sold by Andy Hornsby
  • $100 – Scott Blackburn, ticket 21, sold by Deanna Renouf
  • $100 – Kathy Herrold, ticket 368, sold by Kathy Herrold
  • $200 – Catherine Ma, ticket 353, sold by Cathy Beamish
  • $300 – Lisa Hossack, ticket 336, sold by Andy Hornsby
  • $500 – Kathy Irvine, ticket 110, sold by Kathy Herrold
  • $2,000 – Craig Arrington, ticket 57, sold by Tom Holmes
Congratulations to the winners of prizes in our raffle during the 90th birthday party celebration and street dance on Saturday night. The winning tickets were selected by Freddy Vette and announced by Club President John Russell. 

1) Vintage necklace -- Jenny Ball

2) Four lithographs -- Kathy Dafoe

3) Concrete table -- Christine Hallett

4) Ron Leonard original -- Phil Mercer

5) Windswept one night B & B -- Marlene Dewey

6) $500 -- Dennis Deziel

Trip of the Month winners for June were drawn at the lunch meeting on Monday, June 25

$100 -- Marilyn Pollock, sold by Ken Tully, ticket 414
$100 -- Margo DeFrance, sold by Kathy Herrold, ticket 106
$100 -- Sarjoon Elawar, sold by Bob Fudge, ticket 207
$200 -- Shawn Renouf, sold by Deanna Renouf, ticket 23
$300 -- Bodil Jorgensen, sold by Kathy Herrold, ticket 117
$500 -- Barb Hogan, sold by Rob Pope, ticket 363
$2,000 -- Philip Pinheiro, sold by John Gabriel, ticket 469
Inter-Rotary Spelling Bee - Our local contestants competed on June 9th in Belleville in the Spelling Bee Final. Contestants from the Left Esmerelda W-C from Hillcrest, Taylor W from Percy, and August D from St. Mary's Campbellford, Buzz Bee and Rotarian Tom Dafoe. Junior Contestants from the Left Meagan Hay Hillcrest, Buzz Bee, Lewis S from St. Mary's Campbellford and missing Paiton C from Percy. A great job by the contestants and thanks to the staff at the schools for helping organize the bee.

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