Posted on Nov 20, 2018
This Rotarian EoT project offers a workable solution for the provision of potable water in needy communities.
Birket Foster, a Rotarian with the Chesterville club, described his club’s EoT Project (Emergency Operation Thing) which was created to provide safe potable water for needy communities in Canada. Some rural communities, especially First Nations communities in 138 locations, face ongoing problems with water, waste water, power, and communications and the EoT Project provides a workable solution to help resolve these unacceptable situations.
The first step is always an assessment of the infrastructure for water in the community using a prepared checklist. The community must agree to support the program over a 10-year period and provide 8 people for training. Then, experienced disaster recovery experts work hand-in-hand with the local work force to provide regular support and immediate surge capacity to guide the deployment, including traditional knowledge and modern techniques and tools.
The goal of Birket’s presentation was to raise awareness of the EoT project among Rotary clubs with the intention of generating funds for community assessments which would then release government funds for the required infrastructure and training.