Well-trained volunteer grief facilitators can provide peer bereavement support and education. 
Trish Warren was a guest speaker at the Stittsville Rotary Club meeting of Tuesday, January 17, 2023. See photo above. She shared her experiences as a volunteer with the bereavement process and with the support services available for individuals.
Community volunteers are now providing bereavement support services within Lanark County.   Bereavement Support Lanark County (BSLC) is a group of independent, well-trained volunteer grief facilitators whose mission is to provide peer bereavement support and education. 
As anyone who has experienced grief knows, the journey of learning to live with that grief can be  overwhelming and difficult.   Feeling alone and/or uncomfortable about sharing your grief with family and friends is common.  Grief shared IS easier.  BSLC’s vision is to walk with those on their grief journey so that they need not walk it alone.  By design, each service provided offers a safe space to share grief stories and experiences, to connect with others and to learn.
The following events and services can currently be found in one or more of Perth, Smiths Falls and Carleton Place.  Additionally, special workshops and events are also offered.
  • Open (drop in) Nights - In these facilitated evening sessions, pre-selected topics allow for focused sharing and learning opportunities. Folks can join any or all evenings where a session is offered. No registration is required. 
  • Closed Groups - These multi-week programs consist of between six and ten sessions.  A small group of committed participants (6 - 10) is fully supported by one or two trained facilitators.
  • One-on-One Companioning - This peer support serves those who would prefer private sessions as they learn about their own grief path.  It is often especially helpful in early grief. 
  • Walking Groups - groups of 2 or 4 participants walk with a facilitator, enabling grief sharing, conversation and connection (offered spring through fall in Carleton Place).  
For more information, BSLC can be reached at:
Email:   bereavementslc@gmail.com