Posted by Wendy Adams on Apr 18, 2019
Our meeting on Wed. Apr. 17th was an upbeat, positive one as the Rotary club inducted 2 new members into the club.
It was an important day for the club because new members bring their unique skills, experience and enthusiasm to the discussion around the table and to the service projects carried out in the community.
One new member commented that he felt welcome from the first meeting that he attended, and he knew that he could get along with this group of dedicated, friendly people. Everyone seemed to be engaged and happy to be working to achieve common goals. He said that he also appreciated the healthy breakfasts prepared by a group of club members.
Interested? Stittsville Rotary welcomes new members. Meetings are Wednesdays at 7:00-8:15am in the Members Lounge of the Amberwood Golf Club and the agenda varies from week to week. Check out or email for more information about the opportunity to develop new personal skills, make new friends and have fun while making a difference where you live.