Food Bank meets higher demand for assistance during the pandemic.
Theresa Qadri, former Rotarian and chair of the Stittsville Food Bank, spoke at the recent Stittsville Rotary meeting to update the club on the operation of the Food Bank during the pandemic. She reported that demand for non-perishable and perishable food items as well as personal toiletries significantly increased during this time and the food bank responded with changes in its operation as required. Bubbles were created for the volunteer staff to keep them safe from Covid as they collect, organize and distribute food in 2 designated pick-up times to meet the needs of the clients. Masks are still in use.
She pointed out that the profile of clients changed to include more refugee families who have unique food habits including vegetarian and gluten-free needs, as well as halal food items which adhere to Islam laws for Muslim clients, e. g. beans, chick peas and rice. Cash donations are welcome as cash can be used at Metro for purchasing perishable items in bulk. Items for school-age children such as fruit cups, juice boxes, and granola bars are in high demand. The Stittsville Food Bank provides assistance monthly to those in need of a supplement and it does not serve as a steady daily food source.
Theresa recognized ongoing, outstanding support from the individuals and organizations in the community such as Stittsville Rotary as an essential factor in the success of the food bank. At times, the Food Bank also assists other organizations in the community such as group homes and Frederick Banting Alternate School.