About 100 unpaid volunteers do a great job of collecting, organizing and distributing non-perishable and perishable food items.
Theresa Qadri, Chair of the Stittsville Food Bank, shared with club members the following statistics about changes in the operation of this organization that is meeting the needs of so many in the community:
* 15,065 people served in 2022.
* 2,700 families receiving support per year.
* 50 families access the Stittsville Food Bank weekly.
* More than 300 people per month access the food bank compared to last year.
* More refugee families, including those from Ukraine, are accessing the food bank.
Theresa confirmed that the food bank relies entirely on the local community for food and donations. Food donations can be placed in any one of seven drop-off bins in the community. The Stittsville Food Bank is a registered charitable organization and a tax receipt is issued for a financial donation and returned by mail.
The Stittsville Rotary recently made a financial donation to the Stittsville Food Bank (see photo above) The statistics show that the need for increased financial support is great and so our donation was very much appreciated. For more information visit the website at www.stittsvillefoodbank.ca