Posted on Aug 09, 2017
Our guest speakers today were Colonel (Retired) Dominic McAlea, former Canadian Defence Attaché to Afghanistan and current Board member of Perley Rideau Foundation and Delphine Haslé, Development Officer with the Perley Rideau Foundation.
The Perley & Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre at 1750 Russell Road Ottawa, ON is a not-for-profit centre for healthy living primarily focused on the needs of seniors, providing quality care, with a unique responsibility to provide for veterans and seniors in the community.

It has expanded programs and services to give more choices for seniors at their level of need. This increases the ability to serve a much greater number of seniors and is aligned to the provinces' Aging at Home strategy. It meets the evolving needs of seniors and enhances seniors’ physical well being, and their enjoyment and participation in life.

The Perley Rideau Vision: Leading innovation in frailty informed care to enable seniors and Veterans to live life to the fullest.

The Perley Rideau Mission: Achieving excellence in the health, safety and well-being of Seniors and Veterans with a focus on person-centered and fraility informed care and service.

The Foundation was created to provide financial assistance to the Health Centre which is not funded wholly by government sources. Funding is provided for WW2 and Korean veterans but there are no such arrangements for veterans since then except for particular cases. Donations to the Foundation enhance Recreation and Creative Arts Program, Adult Program, Volunteer Services, and more provided new equipment such as furniture, small appliances and dental care