Our guest speaker for this week was Miriam Rawson, Executive Director of Matthew House Ottawa (www.matthewhouseottawa.org)
Matthew House Ottawa (MHO) is a faith-based, volunteer-driven, charitable organization that helps Ottawa’s marginalised population to establish connected, safe, healthy, and dignified homes within our community.
They do this by:
  • Providing shelter, food and refugee settlement assistance, including volunteer opportunities, in a family atmosphere to refugee claimants so that they may begin their journey to independence as members in Canadian society.
  • Distributing quality used furniture and household goods to Ottawa’s marginalised population.
MHO clients are individuals who come to Canada without any status, i.e. not government or privately sponsored. MHO is an 8-bed facility in an old farmhouse located in Nepean where refugees can receive support as they go through the 3 to 4 month process to achieve status. The Furniture Bank, housed in donated space elsewhere, accepts donations of linen, small appliances and kitchen supplies. It operates with community partners who refer clients for service.