This non-political international organization began in Atlanta in 1977 with American President Jimmy Carter and has grown to 350 clubs in 60 countries. The aim, through home-stays, is to break down barriers to mutual understanding, one friend at a time. Simple acts of friendship, kindness and hospitality work to create a better world.
FFO has 180 members and hosts 4 outbound and 4 inbound exchanges annually. Each participant in an exchange is called an ambassador. The host club organizes homes for the ambassadors and a program of activities for the 7 days. Friendship Force International plays a role in matching the request for exchanges from clubs with clubs who are willing to host them.
FFO also has a social program locally including bridge, art appreciation, dinner groups, walking, etc. The club meets 5 times per year. A board of directors meets monthly. The membership fee is $35 annually.
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