Posted by Wendy Adams on Mar 21, 2019
The mission of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is to ensure in a variety of ways that Canadians have access to a world-class communications system.
Eric Rancourt, Director, Sector Services, Media Relations and Outreach, made an excellent presentation to the Stittsville Rotarians recently and he described the strategies that makes this goal possible to achieve. The CRTC is a public organization that carries out a mandate from the Parliament of Canada, and it is administered through the Minister of Canadian Heritage. It focuses on achieving policy objectives established in the Broadcasting ActTelecommunications Act and Canada‚Äôs anti-spam legislation.
To carry out this mandate, the CRTC engages in a wide range of activities. It supervises and regulates over 2,000 broadcasters, including TV services, AM and FM radio stations, and the companies that bring these services to Canadians. It also regulates telecommunications carriers, including major telephone companies. Public consultation is the key to understanding the needs and interests of Canadians who use the broadcasting and telecommunications services and various methods are used so the CRTC remains current.
Recent well-known CRTC achievements include the national Do-Not-Call List (CRTC provides the network for the use of police services), anti-spam legislation, 9-1-1, the public alert system, wireless code and TV service provider code.