Stittsville Rotary International Film Series

SRIFS History  

In August 2012 a committee was formed to plan a Rotary film series for Stittsville as a fundraiser. Members of the committee were Wes Zacharuk, Steve Hunter, Val and Tony Wright, with the support of other club members as needed. The first film, The Intouchables (France) was shown at Empire Kanata January 2013 with good attendance and enthusiasm. Over the series over $3,500 was raised for our projects.
The second season was held January to April 2014, with the additional assistance of a major sponsor, Leo Maiorino, as well as Theresa Qadri, Wes Zacharuk and Gaia Coffee House. After the series ended over $5,500 was raised for our projects.
Planning for a third series is now under way with additional committee members Leo Maiorino, Deb Leduc, Lynda Brooks and Amanda Cooke-Simpson. We appreciated Wes’ involvement for 2 seasons. He has now moved to the Carleton Place Rotary Club.
Now we have many series behind us and Covid over we are running 2 showings for Winter 2024 4:00PM and 7:00PM at Landmark Cinemas, Kanata, ON. 
First season poster (2013):  Click here 
Second season poster (2014): Click here
Third season poster (2015): Click here
Fourth season poster (2016): Click here