Trash n` Treasure
GREATER SPRINGFIELD Trash n' Treasure Market
Currently not operating until further notice
The Greater Springfield Trash n’ Treasure Market is operated by Greater Springfield Rotary.
The Market is currently suspended 
When operating the market is bi-monthly on the second Sunday the relevant month. The market operates from 7:00am to 10.30am at Education City Drive Carpark, access via Sinnathamby Drive (see Map). 
Please monitor our Facebook page and posts on various community sites for information on the next market.  You can also let us know of your interest by sending us an email at  and we will keep in touch.
As can be seen from the above map, the Trash n' Treasure is held in the Carpark off Education City Drive. 
For the duration of each market the carpark is for the sole use of the market and no vehicles other than stall holder vehicles will be permitted in the carpark.
Members of the public attending the market will have access to carparking in adjoining carparks.
Alternatively visitors to the market will be able to access the market from the Orion Shopping area, by walking past the Robelle Pool and crossing the bridge into the Robelle Domain.  The market will be directly ahead once over the bridge.
There are restrictions on the range of goods that may be sold at the market. Please refer to the section titled Prohibited Items on this website.
As well as providing a social service to the community, the market will be a source of fund raising for Greater Springfield Rotary, and for other Rotary Clubs which may assist in the operation of the market from time to time.
Although the market is new to the Greater Springfield area, the operating model has been tried and tested by Rotary in other regions for many years and proven highly successful. As the market becomes well established, it will enable Greater Springfield Rotary to support many local and international community service projects, in addition to meeting the social service need of the local community.
Please also refer to the Becoming a Stallholder section of this website if you would like to become a stall holder.
Other than stall holders, entry to the market is free.  Market patrons/visitors may choose to to make a donation to Rotary when visiting the market area, and this will be greatly appreciated.
Please note that dogs must be on a leash at all times if brought into the market area.
Stallholders and visitors will enter the market site at their own risk.  We operating with a COVID Safe Plan while government restrictions remain in place and all stall holders and visitors to the market will be asked to comply with the COVID restrictions, especially social distancing and hygiene.
Becoming a Stall Holder
Booking a stall in advance is a must - an online booking facility is available at  Expressions of interest may also be made by contacting our Secretary.  If interested please read the remaining conditions and let us know of your interest and any questions at Contact Us. Please note that there is a Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of this web page, Please refer to before contacting us.
On Market day, specific stall sites will be allocated on a first-come – first-served basis, as while booking guarantees you a site, it is not possible to pre-book or otherwise reserve a specific individual market site location.
Each site will be essentially defined as a single marked car parking space. More than one site may be occupied if each site is booked and paid for in advance.
The reservation of stall spaces by any means, including the use of boxes, ropes, or trestles to block access to stalls will not be permitted. On arrival at the market a Rotary volunteer will check and confirm your booking (and payment) and direct you to a stall site.
The market will be open to the public from 7am until 11.00 noon. Stallholders should arrive between 6.15am and 6.45 am for allocation of site and have set up completed by 7am.
To ensure a safe market environment all vehicles will be expected to enter the market area before 07.00am on market day. No vehicle access (other than emergency vehicles) will be permitted after 07.00am.  Vendors wishing to move their vehicle out of the market area prior to 10.30am must only do so with a Rotarian volunteer escorting them.  The maximum speed in the market at all times is 5kph and pedestrians always have the right of way.   
If a stall holder erects a marquee, it is a requirement for safety reasons, that each leg of the marquee is firmly weighted down with a 10Kg weight. Such weights should be the commercially available weights sold specifically for this purpose.
Greater Springfield Rotary reserves the right to determine what goods may be offered for sale at the market in accordance with any licences, permits, or regulations governing operation of the market.
A list of Prohibited Items is detailed elsewhere on this website.
Stallholders shall comply with all appropriate laws and regulations.
Stall fees will be payable in advance at the time of booking online. Access to the market will involve a check of booking paperwork and payment confirmation. Fees payable are detailed in the Costs of a Stall section of this website.
Greater Springfield Rotary accepts no responsibility for individual stalls, stall insurance, or for any transaction entered into within the market. All such activities are the responsibility of individual stall holders.
Stallholders shall operate their stalls in a safe manner and subject to the Conditions of Entry (see below) and also available from the Rotary stand (at Market site entry).
Stallholders are required to take all unsold goods and waste with them at the conclusion of their stall operation. The stall area should be left as you found it.
Cost of a stall
A fee of $22 will be charged for each stall occupied (usually a marked car parking space). Multiple spaces may be occupied at an additional $22 for each. Payment will be made online at the time of booking, and receipts issued electronically at the time of booking/payment. See Becoming a Stallholder section.
Defined stall spaces may vary slightly in size and configuration due to the nature of the carpark.
Site fees are not waived or refunded under any circumstances.
Conditions of Entry
Rotary Club of Greater Springfield Inc.
Applicable to all members of the public and all stall holders
Rotary International and Greater Springfield Rotary are not-for-profit community service organisations.  All of their members and helpers are volunteers.

In compliance with Government COVID requirements all persons attending the market will be required to adhere to any prevailing COVID rules. All stall holders are required to ensure their goods are 'COVID Safe' and sanitiser is available at their stall. 
All persons who enter the area in which this Rotary market is being conducted
  • does so at his or her own risk;
  • agrees as a condition of entry, that to the fullest extent legally possible, Rotary International and Greater Springfield Rotary, its board members, directors, members and helpers are absolved from all liability (however arising) for death, personal injury, damage to property, economic loss and any other loss or damage which arises out of or in connection with the person’s entry due to any negligent act or omission, breach of duty, default or omission on the part of Rotary International or Greater Springfield Rotary, its board members, directors, members and helpers;
  • under the terms of its permission from the Springfield City Group for the Trash n' Treasure Market, Greater Springfield Rotary is required to have public liability insurance. However, that policy covers only incidents for which Rotary is responsible and vendors may wish to consider the need to insure against their individual liability;
  • acknowledges that they are only allowed to enter on the distinct understanding that they do so at their own risk, having read and understood the conditions above; and
  • acknowledges that to the fullest extent legally possible,
(1)     the exclusion of Rotary’s liability applies to losses caused or contributed to by any of the following:  the state of the site where this market is conducted; anything brought into the market by any other person, including stall holders; animals or birds; motor vehicle accidents; misrepresentation; negligence; breach of contract; breach of any statute, regulation or by-law; defective goods; defect in title to goods and any other legal, equitable or statutory basis for liability; and
(2)     the exclusion of Rotary’s liability applies to all kinds of damages, including general damages, special damages, loss of earnings and loss or earning capacity.
 Prohibited Items
The market operates on a public car-park leased by Greater Springfield Rotary from Springfield City Group which stipulates a range of goods that may or may not be sold at the market.
List of prohibited items:
The following activities are not permitted: (ref. Queensland legislation)
  • The sale of animals
  • The sale of firearms  
  • The sale of hazardous substances and dangerous goods 
  • The sale of liquor 
  • The sale of medicines, poisons and therapeutic goods 
  • The sale of R and X rated publications, videos and games.
  • The sale of tobacco
  • The sale of vehicles 
Dangerous goods:
  • Ammunition
  • Chemicals
  • Fireworks
  • Flammable liquids
  • Guns
  • Long bows
  • Weapons
  • Any animals
  • New and used cars.
  • New and used motorcycles.
Other items not permitted:
  • Daily newspapers
  • Goods that contravene intellectual property laws, including copyright.
The Rotary Club of Greater Springfield retains the right to refuse any stallholder from selling goods or items that are inconsistent with its conditions for operating stalls.
Food Stalls
Food stalls, other than one that may be operated by Greater Springfield Rotary are not permitted in the Market.
The intention of the market is for the trade of unwanted and pre-loved items or physical items of a trash and treasure nature.
As the market grows, the option for food stalls may be reconsidered, in conjunction with local legislation and regulations governing such activity.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does the market run every Sunday?
    No. The market will run bi-monthly on the second Sunday of the relevant month. 
  2. How much does it cost to visit the market?
    While there will be a fee for stall holders, the market will be free for visitors/patrons. However market patrons are invited to make a donation at the Rotary stand within the Market site.
  3. What is on sale at the market?
    We expect to see regular offerings that include: a wide range of second-hand goods normally available at garage sales, such as arts and crafts,  hardware, clothing, tools, furniture, artworks and other collectables.
    Under local regulations, some specified goods may not be sold at the market – refer to the separate listing of Prohibited Items on this website.
  4. How much does it cost to have a stall at the market? 
    Read about Becoming a Stallholder and the Costs to Hold a Stall.
  5. Can I book a stall at the market?
    You will be able to book to have a stall at the market and make advance payment online, once promotion commences for a specific market date. You cannot however reserve a particular stall location within the market site. These are allocated on a first-come-first-served physical occupancy basis on the day of the market.
  6. Can I sell food at the market?
    Unfortunately, No.  However, we do intend to revisit this decision once the market becomes established.
  7. What is provided for the stall fee?
    We provide an allocated stall space from which you may sell your goods. We do not provide tables, tarps, ground mats, etc. It is up to the stall holder to bring what they need for their stall.  

  8. Are their toilet facilities?
    There are public toilet facilities in the nearby Robelle Domain, within a couple of minutes walk.

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