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Nov 18, 2019
Rotary Raising Funds for Bushfire Aid
Greater Springfield Rotary has quickly taken advantage of their Community Awareness stall at the Orion Markets on
Sunday 17 November to seek public support for Queensland's Bushfire victims.
Over the last couple of weeks we have seen the start of what could potentially be one of the worst Bushfire seasons 
ever in Queensland, particularly the southern part, and surrounding areas of the state.  Many Rotarians and  their families, in the affected areas are providing support to frontline emergency staff and also looking to support the people in the evacuation centres in their communities.  In doing so they are well placed to advise on what is needed, and Rotary have established a special fund to help raise money in support of these needs.
The 'Relief Fund for the Bushfire Victims and Communities' has been established as a Rotary Benevolent Fund, giving total Tax Deductibility for any donations, and also eliminating any administration fees, meaning that all the money raised will go to providing aid. 
In bringing the fund to the attention of market shoppers on Sunday, Rotary was able to raise over $400 for the Bushfire Appeal, through the generosity of our local community.  Many shoppers stopped for a chat and to learn more about Rotary as well as donating.  
Anyone wishing to donate to the Rotary Queensland Bushfire Relief Project can do so online at:
Oct 18, 2019
Rotary Junior Community Awards presented to students of Springfield Central State School
On the evening of 17 October, there were some very excited people gathering at the main hall of the Springfield Central State School.  It was time for the Rotary Junior Community Awards for 2019 to be presented to the Grade 6 students who had successfully completed the Awards program during the school year.  Not only were the children excited to be receiving certificates and acknowledgement of their hard work, their parents and siblings were equally excited to be part of that success.  And not to mention the excitement and pleasure experienced by the School staff and the Rotary members who had partnered to make this all possible.
The Rotary Junior Community Award program is an annual program for Grade 6 students, and this year it was a great pleasure to have four students successfully complete the challenge.  Details of the Award program are provide below, but suffice it to say, the four recipients this year showed great diligence and tenacity in organising their schedule to participate in four main endeavours during the year, and maintained a detailed diary, including photos, of their participation, what they learned, and the results they achieved.  The children without doubt have a bright future ahead of them, and we hope that as they develop, we will see them participating in other Rotary youth related programs for older age groups.
Pictured below are photos taken at the Awards ceremony, and some examples of the student work.
The four successful students receiving their ward certificates from Greater Springfield Rotary President Donelle Paul
Examples of the students diary's 
A little background to the Award program...
The Rotary Junior Community Award has its origins as an initial project of the Rotary Club of Mitchell River Bairnsdale. After a trial period in 1997, the Award program was adopted by many other Rotary Clubs within Australia and overseas. Greater Springfield Rotary has been running the program for the past 3 years.
The Rotary Junior Community Award program engages Grade 6 students by encouraging them to become involved in their local community through a series of personal challenges in a program that requires great commitment but also huge rewards. The Award program has four main areas of endeavour to be completed over the school year – Community Service, Social Experience, Physical Recreation and Skill Development. The students with the aid of parents and teachers design a program they feel they can achieve and keep a diary of their progress. The diary is provided by Rotary as part of the program. At the end of the year the students who have stayed the course and successfully completed the four areas of endeavour, are presented with a certificate at a ceremony organised by the Rotary Club together with family, friends and supporters. The success of the program is indicated by the variety of activities the students choose to complete their Award and the confidence and effort they put in; together with of the enthusiasm and diligence of the people who are involved as supervisors, instructors, assessors, mentors and supporters.
Interestingly, and another mark of the value of the Award program, is that the completion of the Award is now been used as a qualification on young person’s resumes in preparation for their first job.
The Award program is non-competitive and can be achieved by children of all physical and academic abilities. To achieve the Award, children usually take part in a range of activities over a ten-week period.
Experience over the years has shown that completing the Award helps children:
  • bridge the generation gap by helping older and younger people following four areas: Community Service, Social experiences, Skills and Physical recreation
  • learn about the joys and challenges of volunteering
  • find out that people are different and that that’s a good thing
  • learn how community decisions are made
  • practice new skills
  • gain confidence and a feeling of self worth
  • develop healthy attitudes towards physical fitness
  • ……… and much more.
To support the students through the award process, they choose a sponsor who, along with their parents, encourages them in completing their endeavours. The student organises to complete all sections of the award, finding time to fit it all into their already busy schedules. The students received support from a supervisor at the school and support from Rotary through the liaison person.
Anyone interested in the Award program is welcome to contact us at Greater Springfield Rotary.
Oct 24, 2019
Rotary Celebrates World Polio Day
Greater Springfield have once again taken part in a fun walk to celebrate World Polio Day day - donning their Rotary End Polio shirts and meeting up with fellow Brisbane Rotarians to walk from the Treasury Casino, over the William Jolly Bridge, to South Bank.  Pictured are the happy members of Greater Springfield Rotary with Rotary District Governor Ros Kelly (holding her Betty Bilby mascot) as they gathered with other Rotarians for the fun walk.
Rotary International is a leading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. With help from our partners, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF, we’ve made the world 99.9 percent polio-free.  In recent years Bill and Melinda Gates joined in the polio eradication campaign as a partner with Rotary International.  For every US$ Rotary raised, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation adds a further US$ 2, effectively tripling the Rotary funds.  These funds are then used to provide vaccines and fund the teams of volunteers that deliver the vaccinations to children around the world.  The campaign has proven incredibly successful with only two countries left that report cases of Polio.  Click Here to view a 'thank you' to all Rotarians from Melinda Gates. (or alternatively visit ) 
Oct 19, 2019

Members of Greater Springfield Rotary cooked up a storm on Saturday 19 October with a sausage sizzling BBQ at Central Springfield Bunnings.  On an overcast, and occasionally rainy day there was no stopping the Saturday shoppers at Bunnings, with a steady flow of customers between 8am and 4pm getting their 'sausage sanger' fix as they did their weekend shopping. 'Its almost impossible to walk past the sizzle once you smell the sausages and onions cooking' remarked one happy customer, who stopped to feed the family of five, and the dog as well ! 
A trip to Bunnings at the weekend seems to be a family affair these days, with many Mum's and Dad's with kids dropping in to have a quick chat as they indulged in perhaps the best sausages ever cooked at Bunnings.  We know that is a big claim, but we do have a very special butcher that supplies excellent sausages and we prepare all other ingredients, including 20 Kilograms of onions freshly the evening before.  Of course we quality control taste everything regularly during the day to make sure we are maintaining our standards !
Taking the family pet dog to Bunnings also seems to be coming a regular occurrence with may pooches observed riding in the shopping carts around the Bunnings store and then dropping by for a feed on the way home.  The Rotarians are happy to feed all comers, and often have return customers, seeking a second (and sometimes a third) sausage before heading home to put the Bunnings purchases to good use.
Greater Springfield is very appreciative of the opportunity provided by Bunnings to raise funds for community projects.  As President Donelle remarked "the venue is always busy, and customers love to support us, as well as enjoy the sausages and onions' . We have a lot of fun during the day, meeting many interesting people, and we usually raise over $1000 in profit each time we do a Bunnings BBQ, and this money is put to good use in support of Rotary Community projects.
So a big thank you to Bunnings for providing this great community service, and of course to all the customers who dropped by for a feed or just to make a donation.  We will see you again soon.
Sep 09, 2019
The Greater Springfield community turned out in force on Sunday, 8 September to support a very successful ‘Fields of Spring High Tea and Fashion Show’ organised by our local Rotary group and raising over $4000 in support of the Domestic Violence Action Centre (DVAC).
In a new initiative, Greater Springfield Rotary organised an inaugural annual High Tea and Fashion Show Fundraiser, and on this occasion partnered with the DVAC to raise much need funds in aid of DVAC’s work in supporting victims and families in need.
The DVAC is a community-based organisation committed to working towards the elimination of domestic violence throughout the community, and safety of women and children is their paramount concern. In carrying out this important work, the DVAC aim to provide services that are accountable, person centred, and professional. Services include, crisis support, counselling, court support, safety planning and upgrades, information, advice and referrals, and group work for women, children and young people. Additionally, community and public education, awareness raising campaigns and training for professionals, are also important roles that they perform. 
During the Fields of Spring event, Dawn Osbourne, DVAC Coordinator, gave a short but very sobering talk about the nature of domestic violence and its presence within our community, and a second presentation from Kath Manby, from V M Lawers, highlighted how it is possible to break free from Domestic Violence and rebuild a new and fulfilling life.  While the work of the DVAC is extensive, the initial immediate support to victims and their children, often requires emergency accommodation and essential care packages, just to get them safely settled. Funds for this are not always available, hence the importance of the Fields of Spring fundraiser.
While Rotary is honoured to have organised this fundraiser, the success of the event would not have been possible without the generous support of the community in making donations, collecting pre-loved handbags, and coming along on the day.  
We would specifically like to thank our many sponsors, including in alphabetical order:
  • Augustine Heights McDonalds
  • Bookface
  • Brazilian Beauty
  • Brookwater Barista
  • Brookwater Golf Club
  • Brookwater Sales
  • Bunnings
  • Charis Mullen
  • Donelle Paul
  • doTerra Oils
  • Heatlhland Remedial Therapy
  • Kerrie Parin
  • ME Fitness
  • Michelle and Mark McMonagle
  • Milton Dick
  • Newme Beauty Salon
  • NGU Real Estate
  • Orion Newsagency
  • Purdys Butcher
  • Rebel Sports
  • Regina Balachandran
  • Revive Yoga
  • Springfield Jewellers
  • Studio Palates
  • Sue Roger
  • Revive Yoga and Wellness Centre
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