Membership Requirements

Rotarians are upstanding citizens of good character who abide by the principles of the organization. Members of our club are generally professionals, executives, and community leaders who work or reside in the Shippensburg area. To become a member, you must be sponsored by a current member and approved by the Board of Directors and general membership. Current Rotarians may also transfer membership between clubs, and former Rotarians of good standing can join us as well.

There are two primary types of membership: Active and Honorary. Honorary membership is essentially a title given to an individual in tribute to service within the community, and has no other requirements other than the above guidelines. Active membership, or full membership, has a list of expectations that must be met, including dues payment, service, and attendance.

Active Membership Requirements

Active members are required to pay dues and to participate in club activities. Here is a breakdown of what is required of individuals to maintain good membership standing in our club.

  • Service - Service is at the heart of Rotary, and everything we do in Rotary is to promote our work in communities around the world. The way our members choose to serve depends on their interests and abilities, and the needs of others.

    • Club Service - All members need to actively participate in club administration through service on a board position or in a committee.

    • Volunteer Service - All members need to actively serve our community in at least one service project.

    • Other Service - All should participate in at least one more service activity of their choice.

  • Dues Payment - Dues are billed quarterly, and are $130 (includes all weekly meeting lunches) or $35 (does not include lunches). Please note that dues cover our club's per-member costs, which are billed by Rotary International and Rotary District 7390. A voluntary $25 per quarter contribution to The Rotary Foundation is also requested to help fund local and international projects like park development, polio eradication, and well drilling. Our club's direct local charitable work and administrative expenses are paid by fundraising events held throughout the year.

  • Attendance - Club members need to attend (or receive a make-up credit for) at least half of our official weekly lunch meetings, which amounts to about a meeting a month* or about 4 per quarter. Attendance credit is given to those present during at least 60 percent of a weekly meeting or another approved meeting, training, or service activity. *Note: we meet every week but only the 1st and 3rd meetings of the month (two) are considered "official."

Probationary Membership

Since active participation in club activities is essential to membership, individuals who fail to meet membership requirements during any full calendar quarter (our reporting period) will enter probationary status. Those who who fail to meet requirements during two consecutive quarters will have their membership terminated. If an extended leave is required for illness, travel, or another reason, a written request sent to the secretary in advance will usually be honored by the board of directors on a quarter-by-quarter basis for up to one year.

Leaving the Club

Those who are no longer able to maintain their membership for any reason are required to promptly submit their written resignation to the secretary so that club administrators can resolve accounts and other issues properly, since our club must pay dues and fees to our Rotary district and Rotary International for each member who remains on our roster. Individuals who leave in good standing can rejoin any of Rotary's 33,000 clubs around the world.

For more information on membership, consult our constitution and bylaws.

Attendance Credits

Attendance of weekly meetings, especially club assemblies, is important for all members to contribute to the diversity of experience and breadth of knowledge that fosters robust discussion, and ensures healthy operation of our club. For this reason, our members are expected to attend 100% of our weekly meetings. Achieving that goal is of course not always possible, but there are a number of ways that attendance credits can be earned, which makes it achievable even if schedules do not allow for weekly attendance.

Ways to Earn Attendance Credits:

  • Attend at least 60% of a weekly meeting
  • Participate in another approved club meeting, such as a board meeting or committee meeting
  • Attend an approved district or RI meeting, seminar, or event
  • Attend a weekly meeting of another Rotary Club
  • Attend an approved club fellowship event
  • Participate in a club service project
  • Complete a Learning Center lesson online
  • Attend an e-club "meeting" such as this one

Most approved club and district events will be listed on our club calendar. Proof of participation should be given to the President, Vice President or Secretary to ensure proper credit.

Service Credits

There are a number of opportunities for club and community service throughout the year, and credits are earned both through administrative (club) service and volunteer (in-the-field) service. Members are encouraged to find a service project that relates to their areas of interest or broadens their experience, or to lead a new one. Members are welcome to suggest new service projects based on needs in our community or beyond.

If you are looking for new service opportunities, talk to a Lane Chair, our Service Committee Chair, or the committee chair or club coordinator of a specific project. Club leaders are listed on our Club Executives page.

Membership Requirements