Posted on Jun 18, 2019
HERO: an ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor and self-sacrifice            
   The Shippensburg Rotary Club proudly displayed 100 United States Flags in honor of the men and women that serve our       country and our community-- veterans, teachers, doctors, first responders etc. at the Rails to Trails Comfort Station on May  24th 2019.  The Shippensburg Rotary Club had a beautiful ceremony to mark the occasion--there was singing of the National Anthem and pictures when 100 ten feet tall flags went up for Memorial Day.
Not too soon afterward Shippensburg had a terrible storm and many of the flags got knocked down or broken as sad as it was to see-- the amount of people that stopped to help respectfully pick up and store the flags was overwhelming-- college students, professors, Rotarians, passers by with no relation to the event but a deep respect for our flag and those that defend it. Shippensburg Rotary Club would like to thank everyone that came out and supported veterans buy purchasing a flag and those that stopped to help pick up the damaged flags.
The flags will be back for Veterans Day November 11th 2019
 contact a local Rotarian to see how you can dedicate a flag and get involved