Altona City Rotary eBulletin: 15  Oct 2019

Dear Members,

Our club has been involved in two great functions over the last two days. Firstly I wish to report on the Monday night Vocational Teachers Awards.
This event arranged by Bryan Goodwin and his team showcased our club at its best. Bryan will write a report for the bulletin and the web page. The support from the Hobson’s Bay Council was great , our Mayor Jonathon Marsden presented the awards to the 4 teachers nominated by their peers, and local ward councillor Sandra Wilson came along to show the councils support for Rotary.
Rotary’s key leaders in our area came along to support this function and our club. Where to start?    P D G Julie Mason spoke in response on behalf of Rotary to the wonderful presentation by our guest speaker Bernadette Schwerdt.

D G Elect Phillip Archer was with us representing District 9800. PDG Murray Verso has always been a great supporter of our club so it was a pleasant surprise he was there. Our Cluster group AG Patrick Docherty was also there to lend his support. Eddie Knight, President of Williamstown Rotary and 14 members and guests helped to swell our numbers. Neil and Joan Shepheard of the Altona club joined us.

Our speaker Bernadette has spoken to our club before and has always given a wonderful presentation, her address last night was brilliant and I am sure gave us all something to think about.

This great event was very well supported , we had 70 + people there to congratulate the 4 teachers for their work with our young children.  This event was a great success because of the amazing efforts of Bryan Goodwin and his team - well done Bryan and team.

The other successful event was held on Sunday afternoon at the Louis Joel Centre. Our club hosted a bike safety program for the Hobson’s Bay Vietnamese Association which was very well supported.
President Myly Nguyen and 16 members of the association members came along to learn about bike safety and to practice bike riding in a safe location. There were 16 females and one male, they all had lots of fun and there lots of laughter, they all had a great time.
I want to thank our members that helped to make this a fun event. Some of our members joined the ladies later in the day at the Saigon Sun Restaurant for a Vietnamese banquet, which they tell me was fabulous. Our members who helped make this a fun event are Margaret Barry Bryan Charlie M & Danny, thanks for your support.
Our next major event will be Friday Night 25th October at the Finnish Hall in Pier St.  Charlie may still have a few tickets to sell so give him a call on 0412 257 723.
Have a good week stay safe and take care

Yours in Rotary

Annual General Meeting - 18th November 2019
We will be conducting our AGM on Monday 18th of November 2019.  
An active sucession plan is vital to maintaining the clubs strength so give our PE Maureen all the support you can.  Formal nomination documents will be tabled at our next regular meeting.
Secretary Danny Civitico
An event well worth attending.
Rotary Williamstown Charity Golf Day - 30 October 2019
An Important Message from Peter Shepheard and something for us to think about  supporting.
Hi Ray,
I'm not sure if you are aware but the volunteer life savers only operate on Altona Beach on weekends during Summer.    As you may be aware when the weather is hot the beach is often full during the week during January and as such there is an issue with there being no Life Guards on duty.    So I'm telling you all this because the Altona Village Traders Association are concerned about this as an issue and keen to have Life Savers in place during the week for the peak period from Boxing Day to Australia Day.   
They have been in contact with Life Saving Victoria who have advised that they can provide 2 qualified life savers from 12-7 each week day during that period for a total cost of just under $15,000.    While the traders are keen to proceed they do not have that amount of money available and so have reached out to our club and in turn I am reaching out to you.   
If we can get 4 or more groups together willing to contribute around $3000 each then maybe we can make it happen this Summer.    Council have also been approached along with Bendigo Bank.   Council have indicated that do not have much if any funds available but if this pilot is successful there would be a case for them to budget for it in 2020/2021.
As such we are seeking to get the funding together to make this the pilot happen.    Would your club be interested and if so roughly to what amount.    Please get back to me at your earliest convenience and let me know if you require any further information.
Peter Shepheard
Children's Week Celebrations
Come join us on Wednesday 23rd of October from 10am at Logan Reserve to help celebrate Children's Week.   Sausage sizzle (master chef Charlie M in charge) provided and other fun things to do.
Rotary's Longest African Dinner - Friday 15th of November, 2019
Charlie M would like to know asap who would like to glo to this event.  Let him know asap if you would like to attend. 
Three Wise Monkeys?
Some of our members at a recent information night at Bunnings.  
Clearly, they took a lot in!!!
Fantastic News today from RI- Rotary People of of Action -Connectors Beyond Borders
D9800 nominee Lucienne Heyworth is one of 6 inspirational people honoured for their work with refugees.
Lucienne was a D9800 sponsored Rotary Peace Fellow (Uppsala University, 2015-17) and will attend the Rotary Day at the UN Headquarters New York.
A happy day for Rotary District 9800 and congratulations to Lucienne.
Read more via the link.
Thanks to the great team of Rob Helme, Bob Fels, Murray Verso and Dennis Shore for recommending Lucienne. Special thanks to Dennis Shore for brilliant support in completing the application.



Grant Hocking ASM (Melissa)

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of Rotary International District 9800 Incorporated to be held at Donations In Kind, Shed 39, 401 Somerville Road, West Footscray on Thursday 14 November 2019 at 6:30pm.
The ordinary business of the AGM is –
  1. To receive a report on the activities of the District during the previous year and any other relevant matters;
  2. To confirm the appointment of the Office-bearers and the ordinary Directors of the Board;
  3. To receive the Financial reports of the District for the preceding year and to present that report to the meeting for adoption;
  4. To receive the District Auditor’s report on the financial affairs of the District for the preceding year and to present that report to the meeting for adoption.
  5. To appoint the Auditor for 2019-2020.
  6. To approve changes to the D9800 By Laws
Jane Pennington
District Secretary
Appointing a Delegate
Your Rotary Club is an ordinary member of Rotary International District 9800 Inc (the District) and is entitled to appoint a delegate to vote at the Annual General meeting of the District.
To appoint a delegate, please complete this form.
Note that your delegate must be a member of your Club. Each member of your Club is, by definition, an associate member of the District.
More Information Wanted?
The District Support Team members are here for you….that is why they have stepped beyond their Clubs to serve.  Please contact them via your Assistant Governor.
Or contact District Secretary Jane Pennington at or on 0408 402 555.
Letter from Grant Hocking DG on the DG Nominating Committee
28 September 2019
Dear President

Clubs are now invited to submit candidates for the Past President roles on the DG Nominating Committee.

The District Governor Nominating Committee is responsible for proposing the best available candidate for the next District Governor Nominee (DG in 2022-2023).
The members of the Nominating committee include;

• The District Governor as Chair
• The most recent Past District Governor available
• The current District Governor Elect
• The current District Governor Nominee
• Three Past Presidents of Rotary Clubs in District 9800 elected by the Clubs in the District.

The following rules apply to the Past President nominations.

• They cannot be members of the same Club as a candidate for the DG role
• They cannot be Honorary Members or Past District Governors
• A Past President cannot serve on the Committee for two successive years
• Clubs may only nominate one Past President each year
• If the number of nominations exceeds three, a ballot will be held.

Clubs wishing to propose a Past President to be a member of the DG Nominating Committee should forward the name of their candidate to Jane Pennington, at before 31 October 2019.

A copy of the newly adopted 2019 Rotary International Manual of Procedure is attached. Further information about the selection process of District Governor is located on the District website

Grant Hocking
District 9800
Governor 2019-2020
Are you hosting a World Polio Day event in your community?
Tell us about it!

Every year, on 24 October, we celebrate our progress toward eradicating polio. Clubs around the world raise awareness in their communities and spread the word that the fight to end polio is not over.

Here are some Rotary clubs that already registered their World Polio Day events:
  • In Italy, the Rotary clubs in Reggio Calabria organized a concert at Mediterranean University to raise funds for PolioPlus.
  • In Honduras, the Rotary Club of San Pedro Sula held a breakfast with local media to publicize Rotary’s progress toward ending polio.
  • In Hong Kong, the Rotary Club of Channel Islands is using social media to spread the word about World Polio Day.
Download the World Polio Day planning resources to help you organize your club’s event. 
Message from Michel K McGovern - International Polio Plus Chair
My fellow Rotarians:

I’m pleased to share the important news that as of today, 21 August 2019, it has been three years since a child in Nigeria was paralyzed by the wild poliovirus. This means that the entire World Health Organization (WHO) African region could be certified as wild poliovirus-free as soon as mid-2020.

Along with our Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners and the Nigerian government, we’ve strengthened immunization and disease detection systems, and we are now reaching more children than ever in some of the hardest-to-reach places in Nigeria.

We can take pride in this progress, but it is not time to celebrate quite yet. We still have work to do and we must continue making it a priority to reach every child in Nigeria—and other polio-threatened countries—with the polio vaccine, and build strong levels of immunity to fully protect the entire population against polio.

In part because of the hard work and dedication of Rotarians in Nigeria and around the world, we will soon be able to check another country off of the polio-endemic list. Rotary members in Nigeria have been hard at work raising awareness for polio eradication, advocating with the government and addressing other basic health needs to complement polio eradication efforts, like providing clean water to vulnerable communities.

After the African region is certified wild poliovirus-free later next year, 5 out of the 6 WHO regions in the world will be considered polio-free. As the first organization to dream of – and promise to deliver – a polio-free world, Rotary is committed to fulfilling our promise. Our progress in Nigeria is a big step toward that goal, but we need to maintain momentum so that Pakistan and Afghanistan see the same level of progress.

It’s crucial that Rotarians continue to support polio eradication as we overcome the final hurdles in the fight to end the disease forever. You can support PolioPlus by making a
donation, or raise awareness by holding an event or fundraiser on World Polio Day on 24 October.

I look forward to joining with Rotarians as soon as mid-2020 to celebrate a wild poliovirus-free Africa.

Michael K. McGovern, International PolioPlus Chair
Add text here
Important Note From the President - Possible Merger Discussions
Dear Members,

Our club is suffering from fatigue with ageing members. We also have a very heavy load being carried by too few members. The Altona Rotary Club has the same issues.  I am sure that both clubs will become less functional overtime and could be closed down. I doubt any current members would feel good about that prospect.

If the two club combine, we stand a good chance of being stronger for longer and may have the opportunity to reverse the current situation. Hence the reasoning behind the merger talks with our Mother club Altona. I am sure most members would prefer to enter into a merger as equal partners than have the club just fall a part and hand in its Charter.

The club would like to get ideas and feed back as to what you would like a combined club to look like and of course the Name of the new club.

This is my suggestion ( Rotary Club of Hobson’s Bay )

Please be open minded and consider the positive aspects.

Yours in Rotary

Ray Lipscombe
Thinking of connecting with Rotary?
Meet on Mondays at Kooringal Golf Club, Wilga Avenue, Altona at 6.00 for 6.30 pm. Apologies: Phone 9315 0858 by 3.00 pm.
If you cannot perform your duty, please find a replacement or contact the Sergeant.
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