Altona City Rotary eBulletin: 24 Sept 2019

Hi Members,

Last night's meeting was a little different from most of our meetings.

The feed back we got told us that the members felt the change was a step in the right direction. Over the years the clubs management team has always invited all members to the clubs board meetings but most never took up the invitation.
These are the same members that felt they didn’t know what we were doing as a club and how we spent the money. So in an effort to make sure all members felt included in the decision making process we thought we should try to involve all members. Hence the change from a normal meeting to the whole meeting becoming the Board Meeting.
The directors gave their reports and any member was able to question and or comment.

I was pleased with the way it went and the feed back, our next board meeting will be on November 11th and I hope that more members will be in attendance.
Remember the effort you put in to Rotary the more you get out of it.
Please keep in mind the major functions we have coming up in October,
the DG visit, Vietnamese bike safety program, Vocational Awards for local teachers and of course Kevin Sheedy.

The weather reports are looking good so enjoy the fine weather have a safe week.

See you all next Monday

Yours in Rotary

Ray ,
Time is Running Out on getting involved in our major raffle!!
Charlie M still has quite a few unsold tickets for our major raffle. For this fundraiser to be successful, we need as many people as possible actively selling these tickets.  See Charlie M for tickets asap.
Raffle Details:
Date: Friday the 25th of October 2019
Time: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Location: Finnish Hall, Pier Street Altona
100 tickets only at $50 each, provides entrants with a chance to win $1000 as well as 9 chances to get their initial investment back!
Each ticket entitles 2 people admission
Beer, wine, soft drink and finger food supplied.
Add text here
Get on your bike and help our club with this initiative.
Are you hosting a World Polio Day event in your community?
Tell us about it!

Every year, on 24 October, we celebrate our progress toward eradicating polio. Clubs around the world raise awareness in their communities and spread the word that the fight to end polio is not over.

Here are some Rotary clubs that already registered their World Polio Day events:
  • In Italy, the Rotary clubs in Reggio Calabria organized a concert at Mediterranean University to raise funds for PolioPlus.
  • In Honduras, the Rotary Club of San Pedro Sula held a breakfast with local media to publicize Rotary’s progress toward ending polio.
  • In Hong Kong, the Rotary Club of Channel Islands is using social media to spread the word about World Polio Day.
Download the World Polio Day planning resources to help you organize your club’s event. 
Message from Michel K McGovern - International Polio Plus Chair
My fellow Rotarians:

I’m pleased to share the important news that as of today, 21 August 2019, it has been three years since a child in Nigeria was paralyzed by the wild poliovirus. This means that the entire World Health Organization (WHO) African region could be certified as wild poliovirus-free as soon as mid-2020.

Along with our Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners and the Nigerian government, we’ve strengthened immunization and disease detection systems, and we are now reaching more children than ever in some of the hardest-to-reach places in Nigeria.

We can take pride in this progress, but it is not time to celebrate quite yet. We still have work to do and we must continue making it a priority to reach every child in Nigeria—and other polio-threatened countries—with the polio vaccine, and build strong levels of immunity to fully protect the entire population against polio.

In part because of the hard work and dedication of Rotarians in Nigeria and around the world, we will soon be able to check another country off of the polio-endemic list. Rotary members in Nigeria have been hard at work raising awareness for polio eradication, advocating with the government and addressing other basic health needs to complement polio eradication efforts, like providing clean water to vulnerable communities.

After the African region is certified wild poliovirus-free later next year, 5 out of the 6 WHO regions in the world will be considered polio-free. As the first organization to dream of – and promise to deliver – a polio-free world, Rotary is committed to fulfilling our promise. Our progress in Nigeria is a big step toward that goal, but we need to maintain momentum so that Pakistan and Afghanistan see the same level of progress.

It’s crucial that Rotarians continue to support polio eradication as we overcome the final hurdles in the fight to end the disease forever. You can support PolioPlus by making a
donation, or raise awareness by holding an event or fundraiser on World Polio Day on 24 October.

I look forward to joining with Rotarians as soon as mid-2020 to celebrate a wild poliovirus-free Africa.

Michael K. McGovern, International PolioPlus Chair
Have you paid your club dues yet?
There are a number of payment options available to you and if you are having trouble paying these, then contact our treasurer for some advice.   Remember, your fees are required to keep our club viable as well as a Rotary Management requirement.  
Add text here
Rotary Club of Essendon - Lifting the Lid on Mental Illness  October 1st
The Rotary Club of Essendon are running a fundraiser for the Australian Rotary Mental Health Research Group by supporting a Function that uses comedy to understand Mental Health.  Presenter Profile as follows:
John Barresi is one of Australia’s most unique performers with his signature characters having entertained over one million people live on stage and he is best known for his role as “Dominic” The Pharmacist in “The Wog Boy” Movie.  
What many of us may not know, is that from April 2012 - June 2019 John did not perform publicly anywhere. The reason? Mental Health ! 

John in his own special way will talk about his experience with Mental Health and Laughter !
Tickets can be obtained by contacting the President of the Essendon Rotary Club Kelly Abfalter on the following email  or secretary on
Important Note From the President - Possible Merger Discussions
Dear Members,

Our club is suffering from fatigue with ageing members. We also have a very heavy load being carried by too few members. The Altona Rotary Club has the same issues.  I am sure that both clubs will become less functional overtime and could be closed down. I doubt any current members would feel good about that prospect.

If the two club combine, we stand a good chance of being stronger for longer and may have the opportunity to reverse the current situation. Hence the reasoning behind the merger talks with our Mother club Altona. I am sure most members would prefer to enter into a merger as equal partners than have the club just fall a part and hand in its Charter.

The club would like to get ideas and feed back as to what you would like a combined club to look like and of course the Name of the new club.

This is my suggestion ( Rotary Club of Hobson’s Bay )

Please be open minded and consider the positive aspects.

Yours in Rotary

Ray Lipscombe
Thinking of connecting with Rotary?
Meet on Mondays at Kooringal Golf Club, Wilga Avenue, Altona at 6.00 for 6.30 pm. Apologies: Phone 9315 0858 by 3.00 pm.
If you cannot perform your duty, please find a replacement or contact the Sergeant.
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