New Member, Rotarian Mandy Dayal, told an inspirational story about growing up in South Africa as a "non-white," in the days of Apartheid, and her journey to reach Australia.
  • Was born and raised in a fruit orchard, segregated and told where to live;
  • She had a Dutch friend, but they couldn't sit together to eat;
  • How she joined Jaycees, and went to a world convention after navigating family concerns;
  • The turmoil in South Africa after Nelson Mandela took over in 1994;
  • Why she decided to bring up her children outside South Africa, and ended up in New Zealand as a merit-based migrant (not a refugee);
  • Her stories about the huge cultural shock and the challenges of making a start in New Zealand were a little uncomfortable for one Kiwi;
  • How her family eventually came to Australia by way of a Company transfer in 2004, and now enjoy the multi-cultural life.
The saying that "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" reflects Mandy's journey.