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Altona City

D9800 Australia

Becoming a "Friend of Rotary (FOR)" may be an alternative to, or a potential "stepping stone" towards future Rotary membership. Friends of Rotary may suit people who are not presently in a position to become a Rotarian, and would give you a good insight about Rotary and our club. We have a growing list of people registered as Friends of Rotary.
As a "Friend of Rotary (FOR)" you  would engage with Rotary in a flexible manner, without the obligations of Rotary membership, as outlined below:
  • No joining or annual fees.
  • You would be welcome to receive Club Bulletins via email;
  • You would be welcome to attend weekly Club meetings, at the same cost as for members, but there is no obligation to do so.
  • You would be welcome to participate, as a volunteer, in club programs and fellowship functions. For example: Charity Golf Days, Sausage Sizzles, special club events such as club anniversaries, annual Christmas functions, at the relevant function price. If you see an event or project that we are planning and you would like to contribute in some way, you can simply contact us.
  • FOR may be renewed by the club, annually or biannually.
  • If a FOR wishes to become a member of Altona City Rotary Club, the normal membership procedures would apply.
Next Steps:
If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Rotary, and getting involved in great community projects, then as a first step please contact us by email (, or by using the "Contact Us" link on this web page, or via phone (0499 999 469). You will then be invited to attend a meeting to discuss how Friends of Rotary operates, and to help us understand the areas of most interest to you.